100 Day Challenge: Week 5

Wow I have completed week 5 of this challenge already. It's crazy how fast it goes. 

Weekends are still my weakness but I am hoping to get better with it. I seem to improve already so it can only get better right? I am officially down 7lbs and I have a few days left on my 24 day challenge from advocare. I can't wait to finish that up and check out how much I lose. 

 I didn't take as many pictures. I will try to be better about it this week. 

I am still tracking my foods in my fitness pal. It truly helps to see what you are eating and how much you are eating. I also am focusing on a gallon a day of water to stay hydrated. One goal at a time right? 

Day 29 [Thursday, July 23]: I worked out with my trainer and walked our trail with a friend again. I love the walks as it's nice to spend some time with her and I get my steps in for the fitbit.

Day 30 [Friday, July 24]: Hubby was home for a 3 day weekend so we had some errands to do. Than I did the treadmill for my C25K week 5 day 2. Once hubby was home in the afternoon from his gym time we decided to do the trail together. He encouraged me to run part of it for the first time. We did it in 48 minutes.

Day 31 [Saturday July 25]: We went grocery shopping in the morning and once home we decided to go run the trail again. These fitbit challenges really encourage you to move! This time we did the trail in under 45 minutes as I ran more of it.

Day 32 [Sunday July 26]: Rest day! I always urge everyone to take one rest day. I know we all have goals we want to reach but if you don't rest than you'll just burn yourself out.

Day 33[Monday July 27]: I was up and at em early. I ran my C25K on the treadmill and off to the trail with the friend. It was a different change of pace knowing now that I can run some of it but she was carrying her baby so we decided not to run.

Day 34 [Tuesday July 28]: Off to my trainers to die some more. He made this circuit of squat throws, squat slams, tire flipping, hammer swings and pushing the prowler. I really felt like I was going to do. He sure does know how to push yo to your max.

Day 35 [Wednesday July 29]: Off to the trainers again for upper body and probably a bit of cardio.

Only 65 days left... I sure hope to lose another 10-15 pounds by than!! Keep staying strong! 


  1. Yayyy on the loss!! Weekends are my weakness too! This Saturday Timmy and I are planning on going hiking and doing about 10 miles! We will see how that goes!

  2. Hi! New to your blog from Show Your Blog Love! See that you're a Navy wife, my man is Navy too, but haven't walked down the aisle yet... Well done on this challenge, well impressed!