Currently in August

Well Hello August, I can't believe we are already here. To help celebrate August being here and excited because that means the little one is going back to school, I am linking up with Anna and Jenna for their monthly link up. 

Creating: We are currently on the hunt to create the perfect backyard oasis. So if it seems I am a bit distracted that is because we are trying to figure out all the ins and outs of that. I am super excited though to be doing this and excited to finally enjoy my backyard. 

Wishlisting: I have lots of wishing, I am wishing I was on the beach with a drink in hand enjoying my vacation with the hubby but no worries, that is coming. I am also wishing my backyard oasis is complete so I can enjoy it now in this heat wave we are having - one day I will. 

Hoping: To see some friends I haven't seen in a while and figure out a new family budget. Budgets are so important and always need updating as things in life change. 

Eating: I am daydreaming of eating ice cream. As much as I want to lose weight, Ice cream is always my weakness. 

Watching: I don't watch really anything specific besides the ID channel. I use the TV as background noise mainly. 

What's currently happening for you? 


  1. Do you use pinterest for you backyard oasis ideas? I'd love to check them out! :) I also wish I was somewhere tropical with a drink in my hand-because that just sounds lovely! :) I watch a lot of tv so if you ever want some suggestions, you can ask me! I'd be glad to give you my seasonal favorites.

  2. Budgets suck. I always feel good when I set them up, but then when I realize I'm failing at sticking to it I get it. It's almost worst than dieting! Good luck though! Maybe together we can support each other in sticking to it :-)

  3. Oh same here on ice cream - year round :) Thanks for linking up!