Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave

Happy Thursday ya'll! Tomorrow is July 1st already.. crazy!
I am just dropping by to say Happy 4th of July and to be safe! 
Enjoy your weekend and create lots of memories. 
I will be back next week. 

"Home of the free because of the brave"


Finding The Balance

Hey Tuesday, we meet again! 
It's crazy to me how fast time is flying by, I mean seriously wasn't it just new years? Here we are almost 7 months into 2016 and the wheels are turning. I have so many things going on, and that is exactly what I want to share. 

I find myself spreading myself too thin and not knowing how to say no. 

I like to keep my plate full. I like to have a plan of things. I like to schedule my life out. It's just who I am. I tend to over work and work some more. Lately though, it's taking a toll on my attitude. 

Lately I am finding myself being extremely negative and unhappy. I sat back and tried to decide what was it truly affecting me. I came to realize I am spreading myself too thin. I work two jobs (one from home and I find myself working all hours of the day to "catch up"), gym twice a week with a trainer who I love, workouts at home, I have a 8 soon to be 9 year old son, I am basically a single mom because the husband is gone, and son is always into sports, and or going places, or let's not mention all his appointments and such, I have family events almost every weekend, and let's not forget the zoo I live on. I sometimes wonder how I keep it together when I feel like it's all falling apart. Sleep? What's sleep? 

I learned that by not quitting my job (when I say I will quit for the day) and by not allowing myself the proper time to workout, I was really making myself unhappy and miserable. 

As much as I want to be a badass and do it all, reality is I can't. That is perfectly OKAY! 

I can be a badass without spreading myself too thin and saying no! 

Are you finding yourself spread too thin? 


Momentum is Real

Hey ya'll! Wow, I am really sticking with the Tuesday/Thursday schedule, well at least for this week. That's what matters right? 

Lets get to it. I am apart of this fitness challenge and he sends out a daily blog. Yesterday it was all about momentum being real. It truly just rang true to me. 

Since March 1 - I have lost a total of 10 pounds but since than I have gained and lost the same 3-4 pounds. I realized that it's because I was losing more than I was winning. I wasn't allowing myself to put myself first. I was miserable. Even the hubby started to notice how moody I was and how much I just was in a blah mood all the time. 

I was burning both ends of my stick and was ready to explode. 

I was putting off the hard part because it was easier than just facing it head on. The truth is, it's hard to start. It was hard to get my mind right. It's hard to not eat the entire bag of cookies. It was hard to put myself first in front of work, house cleaning, and other duties I have. So I started small, I stopped buying the cookies. I stopped keeping my other favorite snack foods in the house and instead have veggies and other foods. I started to tell myself 20 minutes a day is all I need to set aside for myself. 

So I wanted to share with you, that life is hard. No one will argue with you about that but they will argue with the fact that struggling and being hard doesn't have to be everyday. You can succeed if you step back and take a look around. Stop focusing on the things you can't change and focus on the things you can. Build a relationship with yourself and be proud of who you are. 

"Without struggle there is no progress" 

Happy Thursday ya'll! 

Remember the strong all had to start weak first. 


Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Anyone still out there?? 

I ran across this quote on pinterest and it just spoke to me.

The last few weeks I have really been looking at life differently. I have this huge interest in self motivation books and bettering myself. A lot of them address the issue of the circle of friends and even family members you hang around. Do your goals align with those around you?  I love that they make you start thinking and the wheels start turning to improve your life. 

This year I turn 27 and it has me thinking about all relationships in my life. I really have no time for negative people, people who bring others down, and just the selfishness of people who expect the world to do stuff for them. One of my pet peeves is people who think the world owes them something and people who aren't willing to work hard for what they want. 

"Never hope for it more than you're willing to work for it"

Lately I have been more aware of who I want to surround myself with. They need to be positive, encouraging and motivating people. I want to spend everyone's including myself time wisely. I have goals and dreams to achieve, and I am going to achieve them. I know negative people won't bring me any help in achieving those goals in my future. 

I want to encourage all of you to take a look at the relationships in your life and your surroundings and cut out all the negative people and environments. It might seem a bit rough to do at first, but remember you're doing this to push yourself further into a happier place. 

Remember to bring positive vibes and you will attract a positive tribe!   

Happy Thursday ya'll!