Lately In My Life

Nothing all that exciting has been going on in my life lately..I mean besides Whale Watching ,working out, work and hanging with the hubs. 

I am hoping come September that I will be able to track my workouts for you all to see. My trainer has mentioned that I have leaned out a lot and my back muscles are coming in. I am so excited to hopefully lose this weight and enjoy my cruise. 

That's what's been going on with me lately. If you want to stay in touch, I would suggest follow me on instagram, I tend to post a lot more there than anywhere else. 

This past weekend we decided to go check out the horse races for the first time ever. It was really fun and I can say we even won a few dollars.

That's all I got for you today... 

Have a great hump day


That One Time I Went Whale Watching

One weekend, I decided to book a Whale Watching tour for Alex and I. It's a 3-4 hour boat ride around the ocean (8-9 miles off shore) looking for whales and other sea life. Sadly, for us we only found one blue whale. It was beautiful to watch.

Sea Lions as if we don't see enough of these guys rolling around. 

They did serve $4 shock top beer..

This is how you spot a whale

The tail flip thing they do. I did learn that not all whales will do this. Normally when the whale does this they swim below the surface to get food and will be down for 5-10 minutes.


It was so much fun spending this time with just Alex and me. We decided we'd go once a year since it is a year around whale watching tour. Maybe next year we will go in spring or winter to see the difference. 

If you ever come to San Diego, I would suggest you take this tour. 


Time Is Going Too Fast

What a week this was and how fast it went by..any one else with me on this?

I honestly have no idea how so many of you can blog and work full time.. I am always in a constant struggle between the two.

Let's back up to a week ago & go from there! 

Last Friday.. Alex and I went down to the beach and roamed around for a few hours. He even got me some awesome Lorna Jane pants. I love spending days like this with him.  

Saturday I booked up to go Whale Watching. It really only happened because we had a buy one get one free coupon so why not use it right? 

It was a 4 hours boat tour around the ocean. We only saw one Blue Whale but it did do a tail flip thing. (More pictures to come of this)

After Whale Watching we decided to go to Kansas City BBQ. I have been wanting to go forever to get a tank top. The bar scene from Top Gun was filmed here. Plus they have the best wings I think and burnt ends. 

After dinner we roamed around Seaport Village for a bit and ate some ice cream. It was just a cute Saturday date.

Sunday I went with my Aunt and Sister down to the mall to exchange her purse and we ended up back at Kansas City BBQ. I couldn't say no! 

We hit the 60 day mark until the cruise.. that means I have 2 months to get my butt into gear to get into a swimsuit. Lord help us all. I am going to try to write out a post of what I am doing and lately I have been getting my arms are getting smaller and my clothes are starting to fit better. 

Tuesday Alex decided he wanted to do a challenge. For the next 20 days to post a sweaty picture to his FB of working out.. so I decided to hit the gym with him bright and early.. 

Wednesday I was all alone doing my running thing.. I love this time! It's just me and my thoughts! 

I got home to the this surprise. A Michael Kors backpack and some beautiful flowers.. Isn't my husband so thoughtful sometimes? 

That leaves me to this weekend... We have some plans and some fun!! I hope to be back to blogging at least 3 times next week but we shall see. We just never know what will happen in life.

Have a great weekend


Just Another Week

Wow what a week this was...
It's crazy to think how fast time is going and how things are happening all around us that we may not even notice. 

Monday: I wake up at 4:30am on Monday & Wednesdays and I love getting these little notes from my tea.

My tea note was perfect considering later that day the world would lose one amazing man. My heart breaks for him and his family. Depression is a serious disease that is so well known but little is known truly about it and what causes each person to have a different breaking point. 

This picture of Aladdin is just too good for words.  

and don't forget EVERYONE is fighting a battle you probably know nothing about

Tuesday: Hubby got me up and out of the house on time to hit the gym super early in the morning. I am surprised I actually did it.

Wednesday: Costco is selling the Cinnamon swirl protein and I went to get some and found this little gem. I wish C4 would work for me but the husband would love it! 

Did a little cardio after work

Thursday: Went to barre class and planks are killers but so worth it.  

I also tried this gluten free mix and I love it!!! It taste really good and now we want to try it as a waffle. Even the hubby ate the pancakes

Just wouldn't be a blog post with out her right?

This weekend is another jammed pack fun time. 

Hope ya'll have a great week and even better weekend!


Somethings I Dream About


  Let me first say sorry for not blogging yesterday. I really had every intention of doing so but than the hubby got crazy and woke me up for the gym & by the time I was home, breakfast, shower and random other things it was time to work. 

Now back to my original post.

When did it become half way through August?
I know I am a  few days early on the half way.. but you just wait, it will be here before we know it. 

I love setting goals for myself each month because it allows me to stay accountable and checking what I made. I keep them simple and short. 

Checking back into my July Goals

1. Workout: You can say I have been doing so. During the week I am great but the weekends I fail.

2. Food planning: I did okay in July. On that note though, I am rocking August. I love that it helps keeps my fiances in check too. 

3. Date night: We've watched movies but I think it's time we actually do something fun. 

4. Read and writing: Let's just say a big epic fail. 

August Goals

1. Workout: I want to continue working out 6 times a week. I know this will have a huge affect on my food choices and my body changing. I am also thinking about throwing my scale out (hiding it from myself). 

2. Use my financial binder: We made financial binder to keep track of all my spending. I want to use it for the rest of the year to see where all my money is going. We are in the process of putting an expensive pool in but I want things paid off first before the big payment. 

3. Date nights:  With the hubby leaving in the near near future. I want a few date nights. I even made a bucket list for us before he leaves. I am hoping we have enough time to get it all completed. 

4. Stay focus on work and prioritize: I am huge into multi tasking (facebook, pinterest, instagram, work) but lately I have been trying to stay off all those and focus just on work. I also want to make sure work is a priority for me so that I am less stress later in the month when it comes to closing the month.  

I am keeping it simple and hopefully this will help make them all green for August. 

What are your goals for this month??


Quick and Easy Weekend

Why do the weekends go by so fast? I swore I was just writing to tell you all to have a great weekend and here I am welcoming back another Monday. 

My weekend was good overall. 

Friday: I spent the day working. Friday night I went to barre class in my mall where my trainer is teaching every Friday night in the month of August. Than it was home, shower and bed time.


Saturday: I was up early. Than I went to meet my Aunt to go to the mall downtown. She was on the hunt for her Louie Vuitton. Meanwhile, I was trying to find one that I really want. I like the one in the picture but I am not absolutely in love with it.  

The mall stop was quick and easy so we decided we'd head over to Old Town for lunch and more shopping.

While in Old Town we found these awesome candles from San Diego Candle Company. I love the way it smells and burns. For once a candle burns all the wax. Can't wait to get more. I love candles. 

Sunday Funday: My sister and I met up again with my aunt for pedicures and manicures. Also, our usual costco trip and we only went to sprouts for our weekly food.

Now it's back to work and the grind of life. 

How was your weekend?


A Quick Glance At My Week

Friday is here! Let's start with how I am a bit disappointed in myself that I did not wake up at 5am to go running.. Anyone have tips on jumping out of bed this early? When my alarm goes off I have this habit of just hitting snooze or turning it off. Next thing I knew it was 7am and I had to jump up to start work. Any ideas would be awesome!! 

Back to my week. It's been crazy busy as usual. I do something every night I feel like plus make dinners and pack lunch.  

My week - I started 30 days no eggs, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten. This was my breakfast. So far it's going really well. I am just not sure if I like gluten free bread over ezekiel bread.   

I finally made it back to the gym (2 days in a row). I noticed how when you stop running how much slower you get and how much harder it is. I am going to set a small goal for next week about my cardio. I need cardio in my life. What does your cardio look like for a week?

I also went to costco this week and they are selling the cinnamon swirl protein. Anyone try it yet? I've heard it's good and it smells delicious. Can't wait to give it a try and let you all know. 

Over all my week was good. Tonight I have barre class plus a busy weekend ahead of me (hoping to get some cardio in). 

How was your week?


Tips For Getting Fit


I love sports. I love being outside. I love to cook. I plan my meals. I even don't mind a good sweat. Now take all of that and add trying to lose weight and all pieces fall apart. 

If you've been following me, you know I am on a mission to lose weight. I even took up seeing a nutritionist to help with this process. While my nutritionist also teaches barre classes, bootcamp classes I take with her, and recently we are taking up cardio together.  

So while I was thinking about my weight loss journey, I thought there are so many out there on this same journey or want to start this journey. Here are my tips to getting back into the groove of getting fit! 

1. Find a water bottle with a straw (preferably a metal bottle) 
I am not sure what it is about the straw but it seems we all drink more water when it's out of a straw. Divide your weight by 2 and that is how many ounces you need to drink in a day. After each bottle, track your water in an app such as my fitness pal or even fitbit  

2. Find a buddy 
Finding an accountability buddy is key. Make sure you can text, snap chat and even instagram them to show that you've gotten off your couch and to the gym. If you need a buddy, let me know. I am all open for more buddies. 

3. Set a goal of 30 minutes a day
Everyone asks me how do I do it everyday? My simple answer is 30 minutes. We all have 30 minutes to do something. I like to run so that is my go to for 30 minutes. Even walking for 30 minutes is something to start.  

4. Stop comparing your current self to your old self 
This is a huge even for me. I am always comparing myself to what I was like even a year or two ago. When all my clothes fit. I need to stop and focus on the now so the future will change. I can't go back to the past and change so I might as well change the future right?

5. Find music you enjoy
Music is key to any workout. I tend to like hip-hop when I work out. Some days I do like my country. I am of the few Americans who still have unlimited data with my cell phone so I just play Drake radio station off itunes radio on my phone. Whatever you gotta do to get that music going. Just No happy song!  

6. Track all your food for one week
I know it is a pain in the butt to track your food. I promise you though if you do it for one week and see the calories you are eating you will be surprised. It is so easy now with apps like my fitness pal. You can even hand write it first than go back and add it to my fitness pal. 

7. Blast it to the web
Start documenting your journey for the whole world to see. If its instagram, facebook or blogging. Hell even do all 3 if you wish (I do). Put it out there for the world to see how hard you are working and that you ready to take control of your life again. 

With these 7 tips I believe anyone can get back into the groove of working out and feeling amazing. Let me know how your journey is going if you are starting, in the middle or maintaining. 

Don't forget to go like my facebook page to follow my journey. #journeybacktojess  


How To Make A Motorcycle Diaper Cake

It's Hump Day! It's a perfect day for a how to tutorial.
Not to forget that almost everyone I know is pregnant besides this girl. 

Don't worry I am not drinking the water.. My time will come when it's right but until than I have cruises and my sister's 21st birthday to celebrate. In the mean time, I will love on the babies around me. 

So you get that baby shower invite in the mail and you check out the registry and you think how boring? I can't be the only one whose done this.. So than turn to the ever so loving Pinterest. Than stumble upon this awesome tutorial on how to make this awesome diaper cake. 

This is my version of Diaper Motorcycle Cake (please check out the original blog post as she does an amazing job explaining everything too.)

Things you need to make diaper motorcycle cake

1. 34 Pampers Swaddlers size 1 diapers
2. 8'' cake pan (if you buy one dont take the tags off so you can return it -- unless you wanna keep it to make more cakes) 
3.Rubber bands (3)
4. two receiving blankets 
5. two bibs 
6. one pair of socks or mittens 
7. A baby bottle
8. scissors
9. pins (lots of them) 
10. Stuff animal (about 20 inches big) 
11. decorative ribbon (if you wish)

Place 16 diapers in the cake pan and form them into the above picture. It takes alot of tug and pull and set but eventually you get it. 

Than place a rubber band around this circle of diapers. This is one tire. Now do the next tire just as the one before. 

Make sure to leave a center hole to be able to place things through it.

To hide the rubber band, we put decorative ribbon around the rubber bands

Fold the receiving blanket in half than start to roll it up. Do both blankets at this time. Once rolled up all the way, pin the ends. 

Slide it through one tire hole like below picture 

Place second tire behind it and slide through to connect both tires. Decide which tire you want in the front

Slide other receiving blanket through front tire hole to make the handle bars. Place bids over tires to cover up. Place bottle in middle of handle bars like below. I rubber bands my handle bars together because I didn't find a chain link toy. 

Place mittens or socks on the ends of the handle bars

Attach animal on top to be riding the bike. 

Take to baby shower and show off! 

Sorry for the less detail how to post ever. Check out this diaper cake tutorial. She is very specific. 

You can totally make this to girl or boy and with anything else you want to add. Just remember to warn the person that there are A LOT of pins to be careful. 

What do you think of this idea? Anyone going to a baby shower soon and want to try it? Any questions please ask. 

Have a great Hump Day!!