Time Is Going Too Fast

What a week this was and how fast it went by..any one else with me on this?

I honestly have no idea how so many of you can blog and work full time.. I am always in a constant struggle between the two.

Let's back up to a week ago & go from there! 

Last Friday.. Alex and I went down to the beach and roamed around for a few hours. He even got me some awesome Lorna Jane pants. I love spending days like this with him.  

Saturday I booked up to go Whale Watching. It really only happened because we had a buy one get one free coupon so why not use it right? 

It was a 4 hours boat tour around the ocean. We only saw one Blue Whale but it did do a tail flip thing. (More pictures to come of this)

After Whale Watching we decided to go to Kansas City BBQ. I have been wanting to go forever to get a tank top. The bar scene from Top Gun was filmed here. Plus they have the best wings I think and burnt ends. 

After dinner we roamed around Seaport Village for a bit and ate some ice cream. It was just a cute Saturday date.

Sunday I went with my Aunt and Sister down to the mall to exchange her purse and we ended up back at Kansas City BBQ. I couldn't say no! 

We hit the 60 day mark until the cruise.. that means I have 2 months to get my butt into gear to get into a swimsuit. Lord help us all. I am going to try to write out a post of what I am doing and lately I have been getting my arms are getting smaller and my clothes are starting to fit better. 

Tuesday Alex decided he wanted to do a challenge. For the next 20 days to post a sweaty picture to his FB of working out.. so I decided to hit the gym with him bright and early.. 

Wednesday I was all alone doing my running thing.. I love this time! It's just me and my thoughts! 

I got home to the this surprise. A Michael Kors backpack and some beautiful flowers.. Isn't my husband so thoughtful sometimes? 

That leaves me to this weekend... We have some plans and some fun!! I hope to be back to blogging at least 3 times next week but we shall see. We just never know what will happen in life.

Have a great weekend


  1. Our cruise is less than a month away! ahhhh!

  2. You and Lorna Jane, I swear Jess! LOL. Blogging and working full time is very hard, but luckily I don't have a partner or a life anymore so it's easier for me. Ha. It sounds like you have had a blast lately and going out and living life, that is what counts. I LOVEEE the bag Alex got you, that is so pretty. Love you and MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!