Just Another Week

Wow what a week this was...
It's crazy to think how fast time is going and how things are happening all around us that we may not even notice. 

Monday: I wake up at 4:30am on Monday & Wednesdays and I love getting these little notes from my tea.

My tea note was perfect considering later that day the world would lose one amazing man. My heart breaks for him and his family. Depression is a serious disease that is so well known but little is known truly about it and what causes each person to have a different breaking point. 

This picture of Aladdin is just too good for words.  

and don't forget EVERYONE is fighting a battle you probably know nothing about

Tuesday: Hubby got me up and out of the house on time to hit the gym super early in the morning. I am surprised I actually did it.

Wednesday: Costco is selling the Cinnamon swirl protein and I went to get some and found this little gem. I wish C4 would work for me but the husband would love it! 

Did a little cardio after work

Thursday: Went to barre class and planks are killers but so worth it.  

I also tried this gluten free mix and I love it!!! It taste really good and now we want to try it as a waffle. Even the hubby ate the pancakes

Just wouldn't be a blog post with out her right?

This weekend is another jammed pack fun time. 

Hope ya'll have a great week and even better weekend!


  1. SO, I suck. and haven't commented on a blog or post a blog in almost a month, actually I posted 1 earlier this week..but in my defense we went on our honeymoon last week!

    Anyways...I Miss you! A lot!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. That time flies picture is SO accurate..time never goes slower than when you're in that position!