The Best Kind of Kool-Aid Around!

I really had a whole post planned out in my head on what I wanted to do for the last day of the month, but than I got real with myself & realized 
Superbowl is Sunday!
Is anyone else as excited as I am?
I mean not like I expected either of my teams 
Chargers or Vikings 
to make it but I do love me some football! 

I do have a confession.. 
I did tell Alex that the Ravens were going all the way just because Ray Lewis wants to retire 
Isn't that always it always works out?
& because I pick everything based on colors & if you know me, purple is one of my favorite colors! 

I will admit though he is one amazing player. 

but this isn't about football.. 
How many of you ladies will be in a house full of men sitting on the couch stuffing their face & drinking beer?

Don't you worry any longer, I have the BEST punch that is not kid approved for you! 
It is so good I drank the entire thing in one weekend! {oops} 

What you need:
  • Pitcher 
  • Stirrer (I used a wooden spoon) 
  • 1 cup Triple Sec 
  • 1 cup Brandy 
  • 1/2 cup Raspberry flavored Liquor (I used Smirnoff) 
  • 46 Fl oz of Pineapple juice {Basically the biggest can of pineapple juice I could find} 
  • 1 quart chilled ginger ale 
  • 1 big bottle of your favorite dry champagne {Korbel} 
  • The best glasses you can think of

Optional: 2 cups of raspberries
[I told you non-kid friendly unless you want them sleeping]

Mix everything together in a pitcher
stir so everything is blended together 
Chill for at least 3 hours 
pour into fun glasses 
serve chill

 I promise it truly is yummy!
You can change it up & add whatever you would like.
I like mine sweeter so I used all the pineapple juice (you don't have too) 
{let me know what you think}
Than sit back on the couch with all the men & enjoy a nice game with some awesome commercials {let's be real - that's why we ALL watch the game} & Enjoy some yummy food!
 At least, that's what I will be doing!!! 

Happy Thursday


Where All My Fashionistas At? Take 2

Today I finally caught a break to be home to work.. 

Since last Thursday I have been working non-stop at my aunt's preschool which so happens to be the same preschool Eli is at. It makes it nice for me to be there & see his behavior but at the same time I truly enjoy working in pjs. 
But this post isn't about work, it's about what I wore to work! 

Finally I am back at it again to do a What I Wore post... 
{secretly I am enjoying these post}

If you follow me on instagram you already saw what I wore.. 

Sorry about the dirty mirror..& don't mind the dog sleeping!
I have ALL lazy dogs. 

I really don't like the heaven light that is happening.. 

Tried fixing the lighting & told you LAZY dogs! 

& good news - I tried on jeans yesterday before I got dressed that I couldn't even button when my sister was here & they button!! I am so excited to start wearing jeans again but I must admit I am really in love with jeggings!!! 

& any other questions please ask! 

Back to work I go as I only have today to do all this work from home! 

Happy Hump Day 



What My Life Has Consisted of Part 4

Back at it again.. What my life has consisted of... if you missed part 1, part 2 or part 3 check them out. It will take you back to Eli's 5th birthday, through Christmas & today is all about New Years

But before new years eve, we took a little family dinner to Elephant bar. Seriously, this place has the BEST Mai Tais. 

We did take her to a night out..but I'll save that for a later date! 

Than it was New Years Eve! So what does a big sister do when her little sister is still under age to go to a bar {a fun bar that doesn't cost an arm leg & 3rd child} to celebrate & has a 4 year old.. we bring the party home

Let the pictures do the talking! 

The best friend. me. & Little sister 

Hubby & Me 

The only decent picture of both of us! 

How many people make chocolate covered pretzels on new years eve? 

Can you tell I gained 10 lbs while the sis was in town? 

The best way to celebrate.. The baby (Trigger & champagne!) 
Stole this from the sister blog

All the kids sup missing the hubby! 

That is how we celebrated New years under one roof & when we woke up .. we were all together still!! 

Happy New Years.. 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2013 so far.. 


Weekend Update [V.4]

Wow we already had our 4th weekend of 2013 
that means we have another 48 to go. 
This was the last weekend of January.. 
Weird things to think about isn't it? 

Just as the Doctor ordered (well mostly me) we had a fun weekend at home. The weather was perfect for a home weekend, it rained most of the weekend. 

I worked at the preschool all morning so when I got home it was perfect to curl up on the couch and nap for a bit. When I woke up Alex & I attacked day 3 of 30 day shred. 

What a great feeling to accomplish this again. Otherwise we spent the night at home and like the old marry couple we are. We were in bed before 10pm! 

We woke up late for us. 9am to be exact. I love the feeling of sleeping in to the rain. It was perfect. Made breakfast and headed to town. Our camry we bought a year & half ago randomly decided it was time to shut off in the middle of an intersection on me. 

We got Alex's hair cut, hit up starbucks for my usual & headed to Toyato to get it looked at. They said their department was closed until Monday but because Alex goes to work at 5am and I do not have time we decided to just do a rental until we find out. Our warranty should cover the problem {99%} it will. After the rental we went shopping. 
I love the 99 cent store & found some fun stuff. Than headed home for a night of movies & food. Relaxing & well needed!

We did watch the movie Brave. I loved it! It was so adorable. I would say every family should watch it.   


We conquered day 5 of 30 day shred. 
 & I made some yummy recipes! Clean eating ones to be exact. I am hoping all this work will pay off for our cruise as we are 80 days away! 

It was a quiet weekend but a fun relaxing one. 

I forgot to mention that Alex brought home some just because flowers on Friday. They are beautiful 

How was your weekend? 


Friday Letters {V.4}

I just LOVE e-cards. This one is so classic because I always say I am so cold I could cut diamonds. {Sorry if this is offensive to anyone}

Dear Friday,
Why do I feel like you come so slow yet your weekends go so fast? Please slow down a bit so we can enjoy this cooler weather we are going to experience in San Diego. 

Dear Alex,
Hope your shoulder gets better soon. Maybe some Indiana Jones this weekend will be the perfect therapy for you. Also, hang in there for school. You've been doing so well,so this class is no different. I love you!! 

ps. please give me some hints for your birthday and V-day gifts! 

Dear Grandpa,
I couldn't of been more excited to hear that everything went well and you will be out in 5 days depending how your recovery goes. I am praying it is much smoother than that though. Hang in there!! 

Dear weight loss,
we meet yet once again! I promise to achieve you this time around. I am 83 days away from our Honeymoon cruise & about 20 lbs off therefore I need to get in shape. Operation get skinny is in progress!!! 30 day shred here I come. 

Dear Preschool kids,
Please be good. Yesterday some of you drove me up the wall because you would look at me like I was speaking a foreign language, if this is how we will be it is going to be a long three months! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for the prayers from yesterday's post ! I honestly think they were answered with how well surgery went and how fast. Please keep the prayers coming as the power of prayer is amazing!!! You are all the most amazing people! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Don't Ask For Much but This is Needed

Let me first say this is not so easy for me to write all this but I figured the more people praying the better.. 
The power of prayer is amazing

These two people would be my very LOVING grandparents at my wedding. They both told me they wouldn't miss it for the world and they stuck to their word. They flew to San Diego & stayed for 5 days to help celebrate one of the most important days in my life! 

But this post is NOT about my wedding - this is all about my Grandpa & a very nervous time in our lives for him.  

If you remember a few weeks ago Grandpa was in the hospital , we found out he had a blood clot in his leg. He was healthy to do surgery and was sent home to do his follow up medicine and therapy. 

Every day I would call my mom & ask how Grandpa was doing and she would always respond with he is okay, he is a weak but he is doing well. He was always making improvements 

than last week happened... 
Saturday night, I get a text from my mom saying they are taking Grandpa BACK to the hospital {nothing else was said}  I found out a few hours later from the little sister he had a stroke. That stroke turned to MRI's and lots of test. 

Test Results: Grandpa has a tumor around his brain. Doctors are not sure how long it has been there but it has been there for some time. Family had two options. Do surgery or not to do surgery. Remember he was just in the hospital for a blood clot.   Both options had some serious set backs. 
If we do the surgery, Grandpa could have a chance of losing his leg due to having to be off the blood clot medicine. If we do not do the surgery Grandpa has the chance of going blind. 

After all said and done, test were ran and family talked. 

We ARE doing the surgery

and this is where I need all of you.. 
Today at 1:00pm {Minnesota Time} he will be off to surgery room to remove the brain tumor and hopefully a speedy recovery. 

If all of you could just say an extra prayer today that he recovers quickly and as less pain as possible. Pray that this tumor is not brain cancer. Pray that he has many more years on this earth to experience life with his family. 

He made the decision years ago to move to the United States from Guyana to give his children and future grand children a better life. We are doing just that. He now has 4 grand children who have graduated college, two of us who are married and one great grandchild. 
Hang in there Grandpa. 
We are all praying for you.

We are one big happy family & wouldn't want it any other way! 


Calling All My Beautiful Readers

I can't believe that it is ALMOST February!! 
This year is already flying by.. 
Anyone else feel this way?
I have a very few months coming up.. 

First I want to say THANK YOU to all my sponsors for the the last couple of months as I have neglected that aspect of the blog and just was hanging on by my teeth! 
if you haven't checked them out, I suggest you take a look at my side bar & dive right in.
Amazing ladies I tell you. I truly have the best bloggers out there
not trying to brag or anything!!! 

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Hope you all have a great Wednesday


What My Life Has Consisted of Part 3

Finally Christmas in January... 
I wish but that doesn't mean I can't tell you how I spent my Christmas 2012 right? 

Let me just say I had to wake Eli up - truthfully I guess I never truly went to sleep. 
I woke everyone up around 6am because I was so excited. I wasn't excited to get presents but more excited to watch everyone else open presents. 
If you have been reading since December you will know the baby sister came out for E's 5th birthday & to spend the holiday's with me for the first time in years! I was so excited!! 

Do you follow me on instagram? 
If so, you saw that I kind of went over board with the presents but it was well worth every second of it! 

Santa was very good this year.. apparently everyone in our house behaved ! 

First we let everyone open their stockings.. 
Eli had so many things in his it took us almost an hour just on the stocking. 

Meanwhile Alex's best friend was at our house because he couldn't take the time off work to fly to his home town in Iowa so he had presents & stockings too but he wasn't nearly as excited as I was to be awake that early 

At 7am we woke up Grandpa Mike to open all the rest of the presents. It took us about 2 hours to open all the presents and fight our way through the wrapping paper. 

 Find out he got the Bowflex weights he's been wanting for Months - I was sneaky though and had them shipped to a friends so he had to go pick them up 
Eli got so many presents he didn't know where to start. Tyler & Alex were loving playing with all the new toys. He got a bunch of new clothes and lots of learning games. {we need to start playing them} The best is yet to come though, he had two more BIG presents hiding out in the trailer. 

He got two quads. One electric and this gas one! 
Talk about spoiled much? 

How could I ever forget about the BEST present ever.. 
some call me crazy because yes it was my first year married.. I did get my Hunters & if you have been reading along, I had some problems with them but it has been resolved and I now own gray Hunters but the best present is my new vacuum

I got the dyson Animal 41 
 Let me just say I am in LOVE
True signs of a Mom - I have woody on the arm rest! 
We spent the day cleaning up, playing with toys and hanging out. 

That night we headed to my aunts as we do every year for prime rib dinner and some good drinking.. 

This year instead of buying everyone gifts we did a gift exchange. The little one scored a 6 pack of beer & I scored a $15 gift card to Starbucks! 
I only got a few pictures from that night.. as we were more into family time than picture taking 

but Woody did make an appearance.. He went a little crazy if I do say so myself.. 

& That my friends is how we did Christmas 2012 
I am already ready for Christmas 2013.
I know it will be a good one at that! 

Just in case you were wondering Christmas 2013 is 
336 days away! 

Helene in Between


Weekend Update [V.3]

& Monday we meet yet again...yet Today is a Holiday which means it's kind of quiet at work minus the Hubby is still home with a dislocated shoulder until tomorrow. 

Thank you to Kay over at Lost Boy Designs  who helped changed the blog name. I wanted something not so wedding related and more me. I think I like Little Country Girl so we will see how this works out for me. Sorry for all the confusion. 

Overall, Friday was quiet. We spent it relaxing & Alex's best friend came up to visit while Alex was all drugged up due to his arm. I did manage to find our country show line up though for summer and let me just say how excited I am & how ready I am for some concerts!!! Bring on the tailgating & drinks!! 

Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban & Jason Aldean not to mention the opening acts! 

We were home for most part of the day just relaxing & enjoying a nice quiet day. The weather is starting to warm back up to 75 degrees & we are loving it!! 
That night we decided to embark on Monster Jam. Eli had so much fun. 

Our Little Family. 

I spent the day relaxing and getting some much needed TLC on my toes & hands! There is seriously something so relaxing about going to get your nails done. 

They were in some serious need of help!! Than we went to dinner at my aunts house to watch some football. 
Thank Goodness the Raven's won!! 

Overall, we had a relaxing nice weekend with nothing too exciting happening. I know soon enough my weekends will be back to jam packed and always on the run! 

I am so excited to watch super bowl. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


Friday Letters {V.3}

{sums up my week pretty well}

Dear Alex,
I am glad that you are out of the ER and everything is okay! Now please just listen to your nurse & listen to your wife. I sorta know what I am talking about yet you just do your own thing.. for ONCE in your life just 

Dear Chels,
Sorry I didn't write a little post for you about your birthday as well, but Happy Belated Birthday {yesterday}! I got your present & now just have to mail to you. I love the fact that Presley said "mama" on your birthday!!! I miss you so much. 

Dear Monster Jam,
please be fun. Please. I am begging you please don't let me regret going. I know in the past you have been fun but lately I have no tolerance of rude people and people who think the world revolves around them. 

Dear Weekend,
Please go by slowly, I have a very busy next week and it will only get busier as the months go on! I am so ready for a vacation!! 

Dear Flu,
I am glad you only took me out for about a day n half. I couldn't take it any longer being in bed I was starting to go crazy. Please don't return!! 

Dear Nails,
I can't believe I ripped one off the other day it hurt so bad but I can't get into see my favorite lady until Sunday. Please stop hurting. 

Dear all my beautiful readers,
Thank you so much for all the love & support!! I am so excited to share some yummy recipes and more catching up on my life from the last month. I am hoping by the end of the month i will be all caught up and ready to get back to day to day stuff. Please bare with me as I will be embarking on touching children's lives one child at a time as I start full time as a pre-school teacher!  I hope I can keep up with all this and life! Thank you!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


To The Best Older Brother Ever

If people only knew you are truly the ONLY older brother I have 

Wedding October 13,2012 
[don't mind the size of my arms.. I wish I was warned that arms are not attractive in strapless dresses on wedding days]

Dear Dude

Happy Birthday to you! 
I wrote out this awesome post in my head the other night & now that I sit down to write this, I can't remember for the life of me what it said but it went a little something like this ....
I can't believe you are 25 years old, you know what that means? You are half way to 50!!! I couldn't be more proud to call you my brother! You have done so much in just a short 25 years of life, just imagine what another 25 years will do! I miss you every day living right down the hallway from me but I know it was best for you to move 500 miles away to go to college & build your own life in a new home. You built the perfect path to follow and you continue to do so each and every day. I hope the next 25 years of your life is just as amazing.I pray you take a step back and enjoy these years. Soak it all in and cherish those moments! These are the moments you will be telling your kids about, the ones that you will say "I've been there done that probably one too many times!"  I pray everyday that you find a woman that will deal with you and give me some adorable nieces and nephews. Basically, what I am saying is, today is the ONE day you can have too many beers and it will be okay, but don't forget now that you are on the back side of the 20's the hangovers only get worse from here! Today is your day to do whatever you feel like {but you gotta go to work according to your boss}  
Hope you have the best day as you only turn 25 once in your life, than it is all down hill from here dude! 

Happy Birthday Big Brother
I love you

Love always,
You little Sister


Today I am

I have been attacked by the flu.
I spent all day yesterday in bed with a temperature of 101.
Today is better but not the best.. 
I promise to be back as soon as I survive it all 

Have a Great Day!