Where All My Fashionistas At? Take 2

Today I finally caught a break to be home to work.. 

Since last Thursday I have been working non-stop at my aunt's preschool which so happens to be the same preschool Eli is at. It makes it nice for me to be there & see his behavior but at the same time I truly enjoy working in pjs. 
But this post isn't about work, it's about what I wore to work! 

Finally I am back at it again to do a What I Wore post... 
{secretly I am enjoying these post}

If you follow me on instagram you already saw what I wore.. 

Sorry about the dirty mirror..& don't mind the dog sleeping!
I have ALL lazy dogs. 

I really don't like the heaven light that is happening.. 

Tried fixing the lighting & told you LAZY dogs! 

& good news - I tried on jeans yesterday before I got dressed that I couldn't even button when my sister was here & they button!! I am so excited to start wearing jeans again but I must admit I am really in love with jeggings!!! 

& any other questions please ask! 

Back to work I go as I only have today to do all this work from home! 

Happy Hump Day 



  1. I did see this super duper cute outfit on your IG... but I must say again - SUPER DUPER CUTE!! :) I love the blue !!!! One of my fave colors!!! It's something I would wear myself, so of course it's fab. ;) happy Hump day to you too!!!

  2. Love that blouse! And the pup sleeping is adorable!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. Love the blue blazer mixed with the printed blouse! The puppy sleeping in the background is so cute! Thank you for linking up with Diaries of A Bargainista!