What My Life Has Consisted of Part 3

Finally Christmas in January... 
I wish but that doesn't mean I can't tell you how I spent my Christmas 2012 right? 

Let me just say I had to wake Eli up - truthfully I guess I never truly went to sleep. 
I woke everyone up around 6am because I was so excited. I wasn't excited to get presents but more excited to watch everyone else open presents. 
If you have been reading since December you will know the baby sister came out for E's 5th birthday & to spend the holiday's with me for the first time in years! I was so excited!! 

Do you follow me on instagram? 
If so, you saw that I kind of went over board with the presents but it was well worth every second of it! 

Santa was very good this year.. apparently everyone in our house behaved ! 

First we let everyone open their stockings.. 
Eli had so many things in his it took us almost an hour just on the stocking. 

Meanwhile Alex's best friend was at our house because he couldn't take the time off work to fly to his home town in Iowa so he had presents & stockings too but he wasn't nearly as excited as I was to be awake that early 

At 7am we woke up Grandpa Mike to open all the rest of the presents. It took us about 2 hours to open all the presents and fight our way through the wrapping paper. 

 Find out he got the Bowflex weights he's been wanting for Months - I was sneaky though and had them shipped to a friends so he had to go pick them up 
Eli got so many presents he didn't know where to start. Tyler & Alex were loving playing with all the new toys. He got a bunch of new clothes and lots of learning games. {we need to start playing them} The best is yet to come though, he had two more BIG presents hiding out in the trailer. 

He got two quads. One electric and this gas one! 
Talk about spoiled much? 

How could I ever forget about the BEST present ever.. 
some call me crazy because yes it was my first year married.. I did get my Hunters & if you have been reading along, I had some problems with them but it has been resolved and I now own gray Hunters but the best present is my new vacuum

I got the dyson Animal 41 
 Let me just say I am in LOVE
True signs of a Mom - I have woody on the arm rest! 
We spent the day cleaning up, playing with toys and hanging out. 

That night we headed to my aunts as we do every year for prime rib dinner and some good drinking.. 

This year instead of buying everyone gifts we did a gift exchange. The little one scored a 6 pack of beer & I scored a $15 gift card to Starbucks! 
I only got a few pictures from that night.. as we were more into family time than picture taking 

but Woody did make an appearance.. He went a little crazy if I do say so myself.. 

& That my friends is how we did Christmas 2012 
I am already ready for Christmas 2013.
I know it will be a good one at that! 

Just in case you were wondering Christmas 2013 is 
336 days away! 

Helene in Between


  1. :oD Santa brought me a vacuum cleaner in 2011 as well and I was SO happy cause I was really hoping and wishing for one.

    Last Christmas I FINALLY got a crock-pot and I LOVE it!!

    Guess I`m kinda grown up now lol.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Loved the post and pics!


  2. it's so far away!!!!!! i wish it was christmas time. so many fun memories!

  3. Eli scored big time on Christmas! I'm spending it with you this year hoping I get some sweet presents :]

    The little one got a 6 pack of beer...little one as in Eli?!! Hahaha.

    Looks like a fun Christmas!