Weekend update {V.1}

I can't believe my vacation is officially over... 
Where did the last 2 weeks go?
Let me just say I LOVED every minute of vacation though but I suppose back to reality is much needed to get my life back in order. 

I slept in for the last time on a Friday. Hung around the house for a bit. Went to Ikea & bought both Alex & I new dressers. Than went to Target to get the cube storage thing that was on sale to maybe see if I want in my closet. That night we played Indiana Jones on the Wii for hours. 
I tell ya, we live a wild life! 

Alex's Dresser

My new one

I spent my morning deChristmasizting {is that even a word?} my house. I was very sad. I can't believe how fast Christmas came & went. Cleaned up a bit more than headed out with a Friend to do some shopping. I am on day 6 of no shopping for me, but I am very sad my new shirt that had studs on the back broke. Walking around I noticed I was missing some studs. {I might need a new stud shirt} That night we repeated Friday night, we played Indiana Jones on the wii for a few hours before we headed off to bed. 

Let's not forget how scary looking my Vikings looked in that game... I changed the channel after the 2nd quarter. I felt too bad. Maybe next year? 

Let me first tell you how amazing it felt to sleep in until 10am? I have no idea the last time I did that. I spent most of my day in the kitchen making all kinds of foods. I can't wait to share recipes. The first thing I made was banana bread, I love it too bad I can't eat it due to my life style change. Than Alex requested that I make broccoli cheddar soup again which he loved. For dinner, we had taking the left over turkey from Thanksgiving out of the freezer and I made enchiladas which I will be sharing the recipe soon too! 

I told you I live a wild weekend!! 
Back to the diet I go, back to blogging I am here, back to work I start. 

How was your weekend? 

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

Come back tomorrow to find out about fashion favorites! 


  1. Abby has that wii game! It is sooo addicting! LOL Have you tried Just Dance?? FUN!

  2. Sorry about the Vikings but lets hope AP gets the MVP

  3. my weekend was good. did not do anything too exciting. glad you were able to dechristmitize your house and for the record that should be a word. lol. are you not shopping for 30 days or something?

  4. love it, I dechristmastized too. love this word! haha

  5. We have one of those cube storage things from Target, they are the best!!