The Best Kind of Kool-Aid Around!

I really had a whole post planned out in my head on what I wanted to do for the last day of the month, but than I got real with myself & realized 
Superbowl is Sunday!
Is anyone else as excited as I am?
I mean not like I expected either of my teams 
Chargers or Vikings 
to make it but I do love me some football! 

I do have a confession.. 
I did tell Alex that the Ravens were going all the way just because Ray Lewis wants to retire 
Isn't that always it always works out?
& because I pick everything based on colors & if you know me, purple is one of my favorite colors! 

I will admit though he is one amazing player. 

but this isn't about football.. 
How many of you ladies will be in a house full of men sitting on the couch stuffing their face & drinking beer?

Don't you worry any longer, I have the BEST punch that is not kid approved for you! 
It is so good I drank the entire thing in one weekend! {oops} 

What you need:
  • Pitcher 
  • Stirrer (I used a wooden spoon) 
  • 1 cup Triple Sec 
  • 1 cup Brandy 
  • 1/2 cup Raspberry flavored Liquor (I used Smirnoff) 
  • 46 Fl oz of Pineapple juice {Basically the biggest can of pineapple juice I could find} 
  • 1 quart chilled ginger ale 
  • 1 big bottle of your favorite dry champagne {Korbel} 
  • The best glasses you can think of

Optional: 2 cups of raspberries
[I told you non-kid friendly unless you want them sleeping]

Mix everything together in a pitcher
stir so everything is blended together 
Chill for at least 3 hours 
pour into fun glasses 
serve chill

 I promise it truly is yummy!
You can change it up & add whatever you would like.
I like mine sweeter so I used all the pineapple juice (you don't have too) 
{let me know what you think}
Than sit back on the couch with all the men & enjoy a nice game with some awesome commercials {let's be real - that's why we ALL watch the game} & Enjoy some yummy food!
 At least, that's what I will be doing!!! 

Happy Thursday


  1. Sounds yummy.. The super bowl is my birthday this year... I can't decide if it's good or bad but I def know where my Fiance's attention will be...! May have to try that juice!!