Friday Letters {V.5}

Dear Friday,
I am so ready for this weekend!! It has been one of the longest weeks in a LONG time. I am ready for sleeping in & being lazy!! Come on 6pm HURRY UP!!! 

Dear Alex,
I am ready for this heart rate thing so I can get back into working out & being motivated!! I love you. 

Dear Self,
please stop being so hard on yourself. There are ONLY 24 hours in a day, STOP trying to pull 35 out! You need sleep to accomplish everything that you want to do including losing weight. Stick to your plans & follow through & I promise you will achieve everything you've set out! 

Dear February,
Please be a good month. We have BIG plans with you including 2 weddings and some fun - not to mention being an adult & paying down some debt. 

Dear Eli, 
Please have fun & enjoy teeball next week! I LOVE baseball & it would make me so happy to have you playing baseball & watching your games! & pLEASE stop crying.. geeze your 5.. there is NO need to cry because you think you will get your way.. YOU NEVER DO!!! 

Dear Weight loss, 
Hurry up! I wish there was a fast forward button! We have 76 days until the cruise & I want to be in shape & swimsuit ready!! Let's work together for once & DO THIS!!! 

Dear Kay
I miss you! Can I please see you SOON!? 

Dear Ravens,
WIN THIS GAME FOR YOURSELVES!! You deserve this, you have beat the odds and accomplished so much!!! I would LOVE to give Ray Lewis one last superbowl ring on his way out!! I will be rooting for you all the way!! I will wear my purple proud! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for EVERYTHING! Please work with me as I am not going full time at the preschool (more than I wanted but willing to work with it) so the post might slow down a bit but I will try to stay on top of it all!!! Thank you for all the kind words & love & support!!! 




  1. YES PLEASE!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Double date soon?

  2. I hear ya on the longest week in a long time! Glad to know both of us willbe wearing our purple proud! I totally think they can pull it off they show up to actually play.

  3. Die Hard Ravens fan here! Glad you were rooting for them! It was such a great game!