Weekend Update [V.7]

It's Tuesday already....
Who got a 3 day weekend & took full advantage of it?
I know I DID!!! 
If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen most of this..

Let me back up to Thursday..

The LOVE day
It was a good day overall
I spent most of the day working as many of us did but Alex did not disappoint with the flowers & chocolates 
{even though its not good for my girly figure I am trying to obtain}

-spent the day working
-got an amazing workout in I am LOVING this new work out 
& not to mention the new Tim McGraw cd is probably his best cd yet .. I am in LOVE! 

-celebrated a friends birthday at E-Bar
the BEST Mai Tai's ever! 

#WhatIWore & Junior photobombing 

-Spent the day being lazy 
-Took Eli to baseball & somehow I became Team Mom

-Couples Massage

-Met up with some friends for Pizza & Beer 
-Went to the comedy Club in San Diego

-Spent the day getting ready for the week 
-Doing homework

Hope you all had a wonderful Weekend as well. 
Yay for 4 day weeks!!!
 {Well really 3 for me since my brother is flying into town Thursday night}


  1. I've always wanted to go get a massage. maybe i'll pamper myself some day.

  2. How am I NOT following you on instagram? Well - just sent my request to you to follow! HA!

    Sounds like a super fun weekend - I really want to go get a massage as well...I've had one, I used to get every month, but I want to totally have a spa day (facials, full body massage, ETC) I REALLY want to do hot rocks or take a mud bath. LOL. I am crazy - but it seems fun, and relaxing. Maybe that will happen before our wedding. :)

    and I love the new Tim McGraw CD - well, I am in LOVE with him in General. I got to meet him, Best Day EVER! :)

    Happy Tuesday!


  3. Massage.... I wish! Glad you guys enjoyed it.