Weekend Update [V.8] - Don't Want To Miss This

Why do Monday's come so fast?
I am truly already looking forward to Friday..
I need a weekend to relax & sleep.. This past weekend was ONE very BUSY BUSY one for this girl! 

-Got my nails redone since I broke two 
I am loving the HOT pink color. 
-got ready for a very beautiful Wedding
Anyone Atlanta Falcons fans? Sorry #67 Gallarda is officially off the market!! Well let the pictures talk
Alex & I outside the Church 
Look how handsome he looks... I guess this is what happens when you wait 2 hours to go shopping before leaving

My Brother's Gf Tricia & I

Alex & I 

A little bit of the fun! 

The Bride, Tricia & I 

All of us again! (look how gross that arm looks) Weight loss needs to happen ASAP 

My brother actually danced! 
Over all the wedding was a blast.
Drew Davis is an extreme sweetheart 
& So excited for Carlyn to marry her Best friend!! May God continue to bless them both! & Looking forward to watching Tommy play again this year! & maybe a Baby Gallarda? 

- Did errands {included getting a passport for Alex to go on our cruise in 52 days!}
-Teeball {Opening weekend this coming weekend so I will take pictures} 
-afternoon nap
- Double Duces 
We let tricia experience downtown for the first time ever! She had a blast!! Next time she comes down we are going to let her experience Old Town! 

Insta photo! 

Emily & I

My lover Stef 

All 4 of us girls! {really need to get on the workout} 

-Went to my aunts
-Took my brother & Tricia to the airport
-Afternoon nap 
-Got ready for a VERY busy week!! 

How was your weekend?
Hope it was fun!!! 

Have a great Monday! 
Is that even possible?


  1. yay! so busy! car looked beautiful! how cute would a baby gallarda be?!! you and alex look great!

  2. and i totally love the one bottom right one in the collage thing with carlyn taking a shot. too funny!