Confession..Why I blog

If you have not heard of Becky who writes From Mrs. To Mama you need to check her out..She is doing this awesome link up for women to connect {it opened Monday}.. connect on why we write .. sounds easy? Just write your feelings out & post & link up.. 
well so I thought easy.. 

As I was working on my catch up day & reading through blogs as usual, her post got my brain thinking..more than usual..I started to think what I was writing for? What I was doing in this blogland? What were all my intentions of just writing? Why I keep writing? 

I opened up a blank new post & nothing came to me.. I stared at a blank screen for awhile thinking WHY?

After all I have no crazy stories, I am struggling every day with weight loss and self image, I am trying to raise a 5 year old little boy as best as possible, recently married yet haven't recapped the wedding yet {It's been 4 months}, working on my marriage every single day, I have all these ideas of what to blog about yet I hardly get around to it because I am super busy with life & I enjoy my sleep. Matter of fact, I am truly not even that crafty or anything. I doidolize so many other bigger bloggers & think why can't I write like that.. 

Than it hit me like an train at high speed.. 

I write this blog for ME

No I don't have 120873495 followers, while yes I would love a ton of followers but I would rather a few who truly follow along in my journey. No I don't get comments on all my post even though when I do I try to respond. No I don't get to do product reviews from top name companies as much as I would love to do some, No I don't even really do giveaways because that's not what my life is about even though I love helping others, I don't even write in correct English because that is just how I am! 

I remember when I started this blog in October 2011, I told myself I wanted to remember my steps of planning my wedding & blogging just seemed the natural way to do that. I could always come back to it to reflect. I was finishing my last semester of college & I remember thinking this is going to take so much of my time that I should be using to focus on school. I took it one day at a time, little by little. And Soon that changed into more than just wedding blogging, but personal life, graduating college, extending the family, and so much more. I have shaped this blog into something that I can reflect on and cherish those memories. 

While, Yes I would love to be that funny, smart, witted, awesome blogger than so many of you will want to read EVERY day & look forward to new post, but at the end of the day that just isn't me. I am writing this journey for myself and just hoping & praying that you all follow along in it. That somewhere I can connect with a woman & we can have those blog bff moments & support each other through anything & just possible our husbands & children will be friends as well. I write because sometimes I need your encouragement to keep moving forward {such as weight loss} Sometimes I just need a simple hello to know that some one out there is reading & caring.. I write for one day maybe someone will read my story & know they can make it through whatever they are facing as well. 

I write for myself 

Now that I have faced my fear and I have let it all out, I am going to keep doing what I do. I am going to keep writing for myself and my life. I am going to write from my heart. I am going to keep putting myself out there for if I touch one person's life than I did something big in this world! 

Happy Wednesday


  1. LOVE this post! I blog for myself (and occasionally to help readers).

  2. this is great. a reminder i need to remember i started my blog for myself and not to get wrapped up in the other things that come make you get caught up in the blogosphere. keep doing what you are doin!

  3. sometimes it's hard to stay focused and remember the whole reason why we started... things may transform but it always should take you back to YOU!! This is YOUR internet corner... YOUR blog world... YOUR posts!! Do you boo boo ;)

  4. I think it's so important that most bloggers realize this. Because if you're trying too hard, trying to gain followers, and trying just for the popularity of it all, that won't get you anywhere. I enjoy blogging to document my life. And sometimes, I really do think lots of bloggers {including myself} need a reminder! Thanks, lovely.

  5. Well said my friend! I think that's why everyone starts writing in the very beginning. I never hoped to be some big blogger I just wanted to be able to look back on my life and see what I was doing.

  6. Great Post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessica - you always write exactly what I love hearing. :) I feel the exact same way!!

    -Ashlee Michelle