What My Life Has Consisted of Part 5

I sit here & sometimes think if ya'll reading this ol' blog of mine actually care about my life updates.. 
than I remind myself that this is actually my little corner of the web to share anything I wish.. & I am using it as my journal of life therefore I enjoy doing life updates!! 

If you are interested in my other life updates, feel free to read them all! Also, I am going to FINALLY start my wedding post! I can't wait to share my big day with you all!! 

If you remember my little sister came to visit for a few weeks back in December.. & this is just going to be the updates that has no specific title or twist. It was just the weeks she was here all folded into one!

I shall let the pictures do all the talking.. after all pictures are worth a 1000 words! 

Out to dinner as a Family! 

I took a baby to a bar

Can you tell the backseat was drunk?

 The BEST Mexican food in San Diego! 
& the BEST margaritas ever!!

Just sometimes its better to not ask questions

We did do some damage shopping too! 

we even took her to a luxury theater to see Django!
I would say she was pretty spoiled while out here! 
I really wish she still lived here in California so we could spend more days together but maybe if I wish hard enough she'll eventually move back!! 

Now that it is February 5th - & I am just now finishing December! GO ME!! I promise I will TRY not to fall this far behind again!! but as we all know life gets a bit crazy!!! 

Speaking of life being crazy
As you all know I am now a preschool teacher 5 days a week & working still from home & going to class one night a week while continuing having a family! Therefore my question is 

Who would like to help contribute to the blog in any shape as possible? I would love guest post on any subject. 

Also, what do all of you my lovely readers want more of?
Life updates?

Happy Tuesday!

Helene in Between

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