Out Sick

This is summing up my life right about now. Honestly I am just trying to sweat it out in the gym and trying to keep some parts of my day still in tack. 

I will be back when I feel better. 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll


It's Time To Party

Who loves to party? Who am I kidding, everyone does! My good friend Tiffany is hosting an awesome party! It's a good time to get your Christmas shopping done and even pick up something for yourself. Happy Shopping Friends.... 

It's time for a party! 

Thats a sentence that we all love to hear right? This party involves a certain brand that I am fairly new to.
Last month I hosted my first every Thirty-One party and I loved it! I have known Tami through blogging for a couple of years now and had mentioned needing a gym bag on one of her comments one day. One thing led to another and BAM! I'm hosting an online party. I got my purchase, and my host rewards and I was IN LOVE! so I immediately let her know that I wanted to host another party in November so that I could order Christmas gifts for my family, and so could anyone else who wanted to. 
The party opens TODAY,  so let's start shopping!  
November's special is an awesome one!  
It is so easy to spend $35 on the large utility tote. Then grab that medium tote for $7! Score!!! I mean who couldn't use more organization possibilities? I know I sure a heck could! Plus gthere are so many other things that I want! I am eyeballing a certain thermal tote for boating in the fummers and another bag for our smaller grocery trips. Plus makeup bags, little zipper bags. These are all things I could always use! I am just letting myself buy them all a once. 
So make sure to head on over and start shopping now!
As long as you see the pink bar with my name in it you are still shopping through the party. Last month we had an incident where a certain someone accidentally left the party and purchased a bunch. ahem---Shauna! ;-)


10 Things I Am Thanksful For...

My blonde twin Katelynn voluntold me to list 10 things I am thankful for to get in the spirit of the holidays. 

I am following in Kate's footsteps as I am not listing too many of the normal things I am thankful for each day such as family, friends, health, and you get the point. But don't get it twisted, I am very thankful for all those things as well!  

Here is the rules of this: Tag 10 of your bloggy buddies & list what you are thankful for this season. Don't forget to give a huge thanks to the one who tagged you.

Without making you wait to much longer.. 
Here are 10 things I am thankful 

1. My bed - you see I had a size twin until I was a senior in high school. Than I moved up to a queen size. Well this last March we went looking for a bed to buy my sister who was moving out to CA and some how managed to buy a new bed and bed frame of solid oak. I've never slept better in my life even when I have 2 cats and 2 dogs in bed with me. Lesson learned: Don't take the hubby with me unless willing to buy a whole new bed! 

2. Calendars: My life wouldn't survive without calendars. I have so many though that I need to combine them because I plan things and forget where I write it down than things get over lapped. I sound like a hot mess. So for 2015, I am using the Simplified Planner to help this cause. 

 3. Coffee: I must have my coffee in the morning because people frown upon doing drugs when working with children 

4. Living in San Diego:I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't know how you people live in cold weather. 

5. My sister - She also happens be my best friend and everything else for me. I would be lost without her. No we are NOT twins, there's actually 5 years between us

6. Dr. Pepper: Life just wouldn't be complete without those 23 flavors.. Even though a goal for me now that I am 25 is to go 6 months without soda.. shoot me, why do I sign myself up for these things?

7. Dyson 41 Vacuum: I asked for it from Santa 2 years ago and it was the best decision ever. If you don't have it, you should get it! 

8. Caller ID: I love to screen my phone calls and yes I am that person that doesn't answer if I really don't want to talk to you. Text me if it's that important. #sorrynotsorry  

9. Working out - I love my new gym and trainer. Plus awesome gym clothes don't hurt either. It pushes me so much - now I just need to get my diet on point and everything will come together. One day..one day

10. Pet Rescue : Yes that game on my phone. It seriously is such a waste of time but I love it. It's really entertaining when I have nothing else to do and or trying to go to sleep, try it sometime! I am on level 267

Just because I like to be different, thank you to all my readers. Without you, I guess my blog would be kinda lame and have no interaction. So a BIG thank you! 

The next 10 ladies:Can't wait to read your post


Welcome ClassPass To San Diego

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I am into working out even though it may not look like it. Well, with the holidays coming up though I seem to be getting lazier and lazier. I am finding myself making excuses to eat that California burrito and just saying starting January 1st back to it strong. The problem with that is, that if I start that long away I will have already been half way to my goal if I start now. So no more excuses time to get my ass into gear...

This is where Classpass comes into play. Last week the lovely people of Classpass contacted me through Kailyn to be apart of their launch here in San Diego. Also, it helps we can be workout buddies. In return, I get one free month of Classpass

What is Classpass you ask? It is a monthly subscription of $99 to have access to unlimited studios in San Diego. You are limited to take 3 classes at your favorite studio in a monthly billing cycle though. Worried your class is too full, no worries now. Classpass allows you to register for a class a week in advance to schedule your workouts when you want them. Now you can spin on Mondays, Barre on Tuesday at lunch and Hot Yoga on Thursdays all at your finger tips. How easy is that right?

Now, let's say you went to Chicago and you don't want to miss Spin on Monday, you are in luck with classpass flex. With no extra money through 2014, you are able to get in your class. Classpass is available in Boston, Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco, Washington DC and Seattle. Go explore the world and still get your workouts in.  

Here are some extra tips that I read that you might be interested in. If you register for a class and can't make it because things do happen, you must cancel 24 hours in advance. If you fail to follow this rule, you will lose a class at that studio and be charged $20 as a no show. Keep in mind that this is a monthly subscription, if you choose to cancel you must do so 3 days before your next billing cycle. Also, if you later choose to reactivate it because you found it suites your lifestyle it is $79 reactivation fee. To find out more, read their FAQ. Still have questions?  feel free to email them at info@classpass.com 

Lastly with the holidays here, looking for an awesome Christmas gift for someone, try gifting them a class pass as well.

Stay tune to find out how this next month goes. Kailyn and I have a plan to go on Black Friday to a class.    

Disclosure: Classpass gifted me a free month of services in exchange for sharing about them. However, all opinions are my own. 


Weekend Shindig

Happy Monday ya'll
I know you are wondering why I am so giddy this morning. Honestly it's because it is Monday. Mondays mean a new week, a fresh start and something to look forward to. 

This week I am focusing on my diet as I leave on another vacation in 23 days. Diet must be on point for the next 23 days.. Let's pray I can do this. 

Anyways this weekend was amazing spent at home. I love weekends at home. Friday I spent the day working while this little lady spent the day lounging around the house with me. She lives such a rough life right? 

Saturday we spent the day cleaning and watching lame hallmark Christmas movies. I resisted decorating for Christmas but that might change this weekend as Costco already has their Christmas trees which means we can get one NOW! I got suckered into like 5 back to back and ended up staying up until 11pm watching them. If you know me, that is extremely late. I love my sleep. I did manage to make home made mexican style rice and carna asada lettuce wraps. 

I also managed to meal prep for the week. 5 dinners all ready to go just head and add some franks buffalo sauce to eat. 

Sunday we spent the day running around. We went to the mall and costco. We also got our nails done finally. I finally feel put back together, I am a whole new woman.  Than it was home to clean up and get ready for the week. It's crazy how fast weekends go by.

How was your weekend?


Someone Say Redneck

I have been gone since last friday.. I had plans to write a blog post before I left but I just never got around to it.#sorrynotsorry

 We headed off Friday morning around 8am to Phoenix for Nascar.  

This was my first time since I was 13 and to say it was uneventful is an understatement. My aunt lost her wallet, our friend fell and pinched a nerve in her back and I fell and can barely walk, but none the less here are the pictures from the weekend. 

my brother & I

Than we took family photos with some photo bombers 

Until next time Nascar... 


Finally My Nutrition Plan For The Week

As promised, I am writing a post finally about the foods I have been eating since I have come home from my cruise. As of this morning, I am ONE pound away from my pre-cruise weight. That means in almost two weeks I have lost over 6 pounds, One frickin' pound, I will get there and more! I want to lose another 10 pounds before my trip to Mexico next month. 

A food scale is very important to me and anything that says grams (g) means I have weighed it out. I also track all my foods using my fitness pal
First thing in the morning, I wake up about 4:30-5:00am depending how many times I hit the snooze button which depends on how well I planned the night before.

5:10 am: I reach for this handful of goodness and a big glass of water about 10-14 ounces. 

- 1 digestive Probiotic
- 1 Sam-E 
- 1 Oregano (which I will stop taking here in a few days - you don't want your body use to taking this)  
- 1 Vitamin D3 5000IU 
- 1 Fish Oil (it's actually my husbands but I am tired of the bottle so I am trying to use them up) 
- 1 Potassium (I am sick of getting horrible calf cramps in the middle of the night that are making me cry) 
- 1 Vitamin B-12

Than I wonder into the kitchen to make breakfast and if it's a work day (I work at a preschool two days a week), I pack up my lunch. 

5:20ish: While my eggs are cooking, I take the shot below. I always use a straw and typically drink it right out the measuring cup.  


5:30ish: Than I eat my breakfast which is 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon and a slice of Swiss light cheese. I forgot to picture my cup of coffee typically with 1 tablespoon of sugar free creamer in my travel mug on work days or my cup on days I work at home. 

9:30ish: 1 jalapeno string cheese and 1 oz (already in bags weighed out from the time I bought the container)  of smoke house almonds

11:30ish: 1 hard boil egg and 2 slices of Costco brand roasted turkey breast rolled up with 31g of cream cheese. 

1:30ish: Turkey hamburg with mustard, sometimes I add avocado here or to breakfast, sometimes I skip it all together. 

Wednesday and Fridays I workout at a private gym at 3pm. So about 4:15ish depending when I peel myself off the gym floor is protein shake #1 (which is either Mint Chocolate chip or confetti cake flavor) mixed with water on gym days and almond milk on non-gym days 

5:30ish is dinner. This week is 5oz of chicken breast that I cooked on Sunday all meal prepped with 133g of veggies cooked from Sunday. I load it with Franks Buffalo sauce and sometimes a small scoop of sour cream. 

It's true, you can add franks to anything! 

Not pictured: 7:00pmish is another protein shake usually it's the cinnamon swirl flavor to help my night sweet cravings. 

If you noticed I am not eating too many carbs. It is actually 30g or less of carbs a day. Some days I do sneak a little dark chocolate cookie butter cup or a Justin's Peanut butter cup but that only puts me at about 33g of carbs a day. 

My trainer has given me my macros that I am trying to stick to which is hard for someone who isn't use to eating 1600 calories a day but I am doing it and it is working! Food is my friend, I just have to eat the right foods.

I drink about 100oz of water a day. My bottle holds about 40oz and I fill it anywhere between 2-4 times a day. 

I try to hit the bed around 8:30-9pmish. 

Do you eat the same thing every day during the week?

Want to follow along in my journey...

Facebook // instagram // my fitness pal 


The Time I Swam With A Dolphin

Last cruise post.... I promise, well at least for this year! 

The last port of our cruise we decided to do a shore excursion to swim with Dolphins since I couldn't find a way to Stanley Cay to swim with the Pigs. It was $90 online so we signed up. During "peak" season it's like $240 or something so I thought what a deal. Little did I know that it also included swimming with sting rays.

It was a 30 minute boat ride to this beautiful island, Balmoral Island. (all the pictures below were part of the cd I bought) 

The dolphins are kept in a pretty big rope in area of the ocean. Our trainer said most of them are breed by humans so they would not survive out in the wild. He did mention that some groups have trainer the dolphins to openly swim in the ocean for a few hours and than they return, they were going to work on it with these guys. Also, he mentioned he asks the dolphins to do this and if they choose not too they can swim out into the area and they will not chase them. He says it's happened before were the dolphin didn't want to be around humans that day. 

The beautiful private beach. Where that line of tree is, is where the sandals resort is located. 

The pictures below are from the day we went swimming with Vin the dolphin. It was probably one of the best things I've done in a long time. 

Vin gave lots of kisses 

Sometimes he even made faces at the guys.. 

After the dolphins came the sting rays.. I wasn't a fan. I really tried to ask if I could do the dolphins again instead of the sting rays.

Sadly the picture below is a picture of my picture. I am not sure why this picture didn't end up on my cd but to say I am bummed is an understatement. They wanted me to pay another $70 to get this one picture on cd so I just opted to buy the picture. 

This is called the Sting Ray photo bomb!

Do you notice my facial expression from the dolphin to the sting rays? I was terrified! 

Since he knew I was scared of these things he decided to rub it on my head. He almost had a dead sting ray!

Next time I will just opt to swim with the dolphins.. There is no need to do the sting rays again. 

Have you gone swimming with dolphins or sting rays before? What was your experience like?


Caribbean Cruise Day 5: Nassau, Bahamas

The last port of our cruise was Nassau, Bahamas. Let me tell you, I thought for sure it would be a lot nicer but I guess that is only on Paradise Island where Atlantis is located. It truly reminded me of Mexico.  

This was the day we did a shore excursion to go swimming with the dolphins and little did I know it included sting rays.

It was a 30 minute little boat ride over to the Balmoral Island which just so happens to be where the Sandals resort is located. Anyone interested in doing that, DONT! There is NOTHING on the island. I believe they are trying to expand the island but currently it's the dolphins, the sting rays and one bar. 

This was our trainer with our dolphin. Camera weren't allowed when we were in the water, but I did get some pictures of us with the Dolphins and Sting Rays tomorrow. 

After the Dolphins and Sting Rays we spend the rest of the time on the island doing nothing. Than we boarded our boat back to the port to shop and walk around. 

Proud to be an American!

The local beer where we ate lunch/dinner. The lime was the best one. The people are nice but are pushy and they are in no rush to get you your food. We waited over 2 hours for some food.

Waiting for our food

This was the restaurants signature drink called the Pain Killer.  

After lunch we walked the streets and so many people were telling us "come see what I have to sell", "come by my stuff", "I have things to take back home" - I was over people talking to me that we just went to a little shop on the corner bought what we wanted and headed back to the ship. The streets smelt horrible and we heard the crime has been crazy there. 

One of my favorite parts of cruising is watching us leave ports. We always get a balcony so it's nice to have that private area to watch from. Well Alex decided to go get a plate of fries and a drink. As we were pulling out all these birds were following us so we decided to start feeding them fries. Next thing we know, other people on their balconies were doing the same thing and we had the whole folk following our boat. It was some good entertainment. Even though I am deathly scared of birds. 

Than we headed back to Miami for Alex to go back to work and I came back home. It was good to spend that week with him and I can't wait for next year. We're already planning our trip.