10 Things I Am Thanksful For...

My blonde twin Katelynn voluntold me to list 10 things I am thankful for to get in the spirit of the holidays. 

I am following in Kate's footsteps as I am not listing too many of the normal things I am thankful for each day such as family, friends, health, and you get the point. But don't get it twisted, I am very thankful for all those things as well!  

Here is the rules of this: Tag 10 of your bloggy buddies & list what you are thankful for this season. Don't forget to give a huge thanks to the one who tagged you.

Without making you wait to much longer.. 
Here are 10 things I am thankful 

1. My bed - you see I had a size twin until I was a senior in high school. Than I moved up to a queen size. Well this last March we went looking for a bed to buy my sister who was moving out to CA and some how managed to buy a new bed and bed frame of solid oak. I've never slept better in my life even when I have 2 cats and 2 dogs in bed with me. Lesson learned: Don't take the hubby with me unless willing to buy a whole new bed! 

2. Calendars: My life wouldn't survive without calendars. I have so many though that I need to combine them because I plan things and forget where I write it down than things get over lapped. I sound like a hot mess. So for 2015, I am using the Simplified Planner to help this cause. 

 3. Coffee: I must have my coffee in the morning because people frown upon doing drugs when working with children 

4. Living in San Diego:I wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't know how you people live in cold weather. 

5. My sister - She also happens be my best friend and everything else for me. I would be lost without her. No we are NOT twins, there's actually 5 years between us

6. Dr. Pepper: Life just wouldn't be complete without those 23 flavors.. Even though a goal for me now that I am 25 is to go 6 months without soda.. shoot me, why do I sign myself up for these things?

7. Dyson 41 Vacuum: I asked for it from Santa 2 years ago and it was the best decision ever. If you don't have it, you should get it! 

8. Caller ID: I love to screen my phone calls and yes I am that person that doesn't answer if I really don't want to talk to you. Text me if it's that important. #sorrynotsorry  

9. Working out - I love my new gym and trainer. Plus awesome gym clothes don't hurt either. It pushes me so much - now I just need to get my diet on point and everything will come together. One day..one day

10. Pet Rescue : Yes that game on my phone. It seriously is such a waste of time but I love it. It's really entertaining when I have nothing else to do and or trying to go to sleep, try it sometime! I am on level 267

Just because I like to be different, thank you to all my readers. Without you, I guess my blog would be kinda lame and have no interaction. So a BIG thank you! 

The next 10 ladies:Can't wait to read your post


  1. Okay--- LOVE your list!!! I'm sooo the same on the majority of them (minus coffee)! And looks like I have a new item to put on my wedding registry - I've been searching for a new vacuum. ;) And yeah -- living in the Midwest during the winter BLOWS!! I would trade it in for SD any day ;)

    Happy Humpday!!!

  2. I love my dyson! And I slept on a twin bed until I got married when we moved to a queen. I loved that but then this year we got a king and it is complete heaven! Our pup can sleep with us and still have plenty of room to spare. Also, calendars.... couldn't live without them.