Weekend Shindig

Happy Monday! It's safe to say since I am only going to be around for 4 days this week. How was halloween for everyone?

Halloween was pretty normal for us around these parts. We went to costco. This is just enough for maybe a week - week and half of food for my sister and I. We are on this new diet/life style change and we are loving it. Lots of Protein and hardly any carbs. 

After Costco we went to workout and did some Trunk or Treating with the little dude. We were home and in bed before 9pm, talk about old ladies. 

It rained Friday night and most of Saturday. The princess loved it. She loves being in the mud and running crazy.

Meanwhile this guy has no fur and no fat so he was cold for most of the day... but it's okay he made himself comfy on my bed.

Saturday night we went to the mall to go to Victoria Secret. They had our favorite bra on sale for $30 normally I pay like $58 for one so we had to go. I got some new workout gear and had dinner at Red Robin which was a horrible experience. 

Sunday we did some work. Cleaned up around the house and got ready for the week. Meal prep (come by Thursday I am planning a post of my foods I am eating) and picked some peppers from our garden.

Overall it was a relaxing weekend before the craziness starts for us. I loved the rain! It finally was cool enough to sleep. We did remember to turn our clocks back, did you? How was your weekend?

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  1. Serious props to you guys for doing a low carb diet! That's the hardest thing to do! And i LOVE Costco!