Happy Halloween!

Halloween funny
ps. please don't take offense to this I just found it funny

Happy Halloween! 


So What! Wednesday

It's that time of week again.. Linking up with Life After I Dew for another episode of So What Wednesday

I am saying So What ... 

...That I am truly counting down the days until school is finished (39 days) 

...that it is finally feeling like fall in San Diego 

...that I have yet to find a workout situation that I enjoy. I need to get back too it. 

...if I want to cancel one membership to get a cheaper GYM membership. Maybe it'll be motivation 

...that I am not excited to write these lesson plans for class that I need to do on Monday 

...that I have less than 12 hours to close the month & I am just starting

...that I waited to book my baby sisters flight out to Cali until my credit card payment was taken because I want the points for it 

...that I am ready to book another cruise

...that I give myself ONE YEAR from my birthday to get in the BEST shape of my life & I am NOT working very hard at it.

...that I am having a hard time giving up dr. pepper

...if I sound like I am complaining alot lately. it's just been one of those weeks. 

...It is only wednesday & I am day dreaming about Friday

...that I am at the dentist this morning 

...that I have yet to recap my Caribbean cruise (but I will start next week)

Happy Wednesday 


Last Day of Our Honeymoon

Finally reaching the last day of our very first cruise.
Last stop: Ensenada 

Getting ready for our tour bus to the blow hole

 On the bus

At the blow hole

Back on the Ship

That night we went to see some shows & relax

Than the next day was back in San Diego to head home

Alex being a good son-n-law carrying my mom's new blanket she wanted

Now because we loved this cruise so much we booked another one for October 2013

What is your favorite part of cruising?


Weekend Rambling

Why do weekends go so fast?
I swear every weekend I have all these things in mind to do than bam weekend is over & nothing got done. 
This weekend was no different.
I had all these hopes & dreams than BAM
we left for the first trip to the desert. 
As usual, I forgot to take pictures besides the one I posted on insta 

Let's just say, I love the desert.
It is my favorite time of year. Football, beer & desert! 

I finally was able to go to the bar my family went to when I was a child & got this awesome beer condom.
Breast cancer pink for October

Now I am suffering the problems of being gone all weekend, lots of work & homework to do. 

Today marks a new beginning. I am going back on my workout train to lose 30 pounds
I need to get my eating on track & get my workouts together. 
I am thinking of joining the gym that is about 30 mins away from home but hopefully that would motivate me to go. 
My good friend said she'd come along too with me so motivation?

My weight Loss Journey

Quitting is not an option. 
I am going to do this for ME! 
I am going to stop putting everything else in front of me and focus on me getting healthy and happy again. 

What are you doing for yourself today?

Happy Monday
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Friday Letters

Dear Friday, Thank you for coming & being so wonderful. I am excited for this weekend. Dear Weekend, It is officially opening weekend at the desert which means we will be there ready to party. Dear Weight loss journey, We will meet again as I am so close to what I was before the cruise than it will be on again to get the rest of it off which means I might make a decision to join a real gym & cancel beach body. Dear Beach body, You are wonderful but we are two different to work together. Dear Readers, Thank you for always being so kind & so sweet. Next week, I am praying I am back at it better than ever. Dear Christmas, You are 60 days away & I already started making my Christmas list. Is that bad? Dear New Years, You are 66 days away and I am excited to see what is in store for us for 2014. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


It's Okay

For a friends 21st shotbook!

It's  Okay 

...Today is Thursday and I feel like it should be the weekend

...we are going out of town this weekend therefore I need to do my homework before I leave 

...that my desk is a hot mess but I rather type a blog post 

...that I won't be dressing up for Halloween this year 

...that I am struggling with my weight loss journey and I would love some help 

...that I am thinking of joining the gym & maybe meeting up with a personal trainer 

...that I struggle with food daily 

...that I get bored quickly with everything

...that I am not a fan of working out of schedule 

...that I have 6 weeks left of school 

...that days I do not have to go anywhere at a certain time, I let Eli stay home a bit longer watching cartoons 

...that I have no desire to get dressed today 

...that I truly miss blogging but I feel I have no time :( 

Happy Thursday 

thank you for the sweet comments on past post. I promise to get better at my posting and trying to recap my cruise! 


Feeling a Little Pinterest Style

I know, you are dying to see our Caribbean cruise pictures but truth be told I am barely keeping my head above water right now. I am so busy I am not sure when I will sit down to write it up but I promise you I will. 

I am also in need of changing up my house. I am now having dreams about redecorating and changing things up. I know what I will be doing once school is out, changing up my house. Therefore, I turned to pinterest for the much needed help  

would love a home like this
I would love to own this adorable house! 
love this idea! I totally need this!
Such a great idea - I might try to admit to make this! 
The mixture of the 3 shapes of cross, heart and anchor are meant to symbolize faith, hope, and love.
Love this! 
Behr Mocha Latte- love this color autumn 
I would LOVE this front porch even though we live on a dirt road & no one sees our front porch. 
I bet the dogs would tear that pillow apart too. A girl can dream right? 
I would love this in my living room. The colors are perfect for my style and taste.  Living Room-Aqua/browns
I would LOVE these living rooms.
Living room - @Brittany Horton Schumaker this looking's like your yellow/grey dream living room :)
wine rack = towel holder.
I would love to do this towel trick in my son's bathroom.. which I am dying to redo AGAIN.. 

I need ideas. 

Last....... anyone else feel like this? 

hahaha...  always. and when they come to MY house they fuss and say let's clean our house. the communications lines must be confused!


It's Better Late Than Never

I know I am a bit late.. 

but One year ago on October 13 I promised my forever to my best friend. 
In the last year we have gone through a lot. 
The Ups and Downs 
The happy & the sad
I honestly wouldn't change it for the world

We have come out on top TOGETHER

For our one year anniversary, we spent it on an airplane coming home from an 8 day Caribbean cruise that was absolutely perfect 

Here is to the next year and many more to come! 

I love you Alex 

The Hump Day Blog Hop


We're Home!

Guess whose home?

Sadly we had to return to reality yesterday which means back to school & work but don' you worry I promise to post about the amazing trip. 

I am so in LOVE with the Caribbean that we are planning another cruise for October 2014 & I am planning on being 30 lbs lighter {Another story for another date}

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday


Catalina Wine Mixer

Remember back a LONG LONG time ago I once went on a cruise around the pacific coast, and I learned I do NOT like wine, ya I don't really remember either, but that's okay because I am here to recap this for you! We called it our "honeymoon"cruise.

This was also that time I gained 10 lbs in 4 days.. let me tell you the food & drinks on a cruise ship = AMAZE BALLS!

So In honor of hubby & I venturing to the Virgin Islands on Friday.. I am going to attempt to recap this cruise so long ago.  

Next stop.. Catalina Island 

When we woke up.. How could you not fall in love?

On the tender 

This building is famous

Eating Lunch on the pier 

Who wants a picture with the colorful buffalo?

ps. I wish I fit into this outfit... 


 After we roamed around the island we went back on the ship to enjoy the day 

Our Rings 

Found some chairs & laid out!

 After a few hours in the sun, we went downstairs to the shade 

After hours in the sun, it was time for dinner!

Next Stop: Ensenada, Mexico  

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