It's Okay

For a friends 21st shotbook!

It's  Okay 

...Today is Thursday and I feel like it should be the weekend

...we are going out of town this weekend therefore I need to do my homework before I leave 

...that my desk is a hot mess but I rather type a blog post 

...that I won't be dressing up for Halloween this year 

...that I am struggling with my weight loss journey and I would love some help 

...that I am thinking of joining the gym & maybe meeting up with a personal trainer 

...that I struggle with food daily 

...that I get bored quickly with everything

...that I am not a fan of working out of schedule 

...that I have 6 weeks left of school 

...that days I do not have to go anywhere at a certain time, I let Eli stay home a bit longer watching cartoons 

...that I have no desire to get dressed today 

...that I truly miss blogging but I feel I have no time :( 

Happy Thursday 

thank you for the sweet comments on past post. I promise to get better at my posting and trying to recap my cruise! 


  1. i know it's kind of far...but chuze! let's work out together! i'm seriously in the same boat and slowly gaining the 30 lbs i lost. let's make it happen lady!

  2. Hi, I've been a silent reader for awhile :) I am on a weight loss journey as well, and it is hard! Maybe I could share some tips with you if you're interested?