Finally I did It all while on Vacation!

Did you read Part 1 & Part 2...
it might help you understand part 3. 

The week in Minnesota was a lot of fun.
Partying, drinking way too much, staying up late, getting up early. 

Monday night after the aquarium...
we headed to Dave & Busters since our Iowa people 

have NO idea how awesome it is... 

but it just wouldn't be vacation unless 

there is a speeding ticket & 3 seat belt tickets involved.
Now we can get our party on at Dave & Busters.  

Tuesday I spent it shopping :)))) 
Wednesday... it all came crashing down...

This is why we started the morning with some yummy Starbucks. 

but we couldn't just end at Starbucks 

had to get our breakfast of Champions. 

Nothing some sunglasses & a sweatshirt can't hide!! 

Mom insisted we head to a buffet!! 

Her 18th Birthday present... Michael Kors purse! 

E loves his Auntie Cy. 

&& that is how California does Minnesota. 

If you missed Part 1
or Part 2
make sure to check it out... 

Now that it is all over & I have recovered...I am ready to go back!!!
I can't wait till the end of July to see my sister again. & now that she is 18 & coming back to Cali...WATCH OUT!!! & than I will see Mom again in August for Bacherlotte party in LAS VEGAS!!! & than October I see the fam-bam for the wedding..what a GREAT year if you ask me... 

Coming up on the blog:

Military Spouse word vomit. 
Friday Letters.
Sponsor Spotlight. 

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Happy Hump Day. 


Happy Birthday Baby Sister

Did you miss me?
My vacation was ALOT of fun. 
i can't believe how fast a week goes.. 
I promise I will post pictures & recap 

but for RIGHT NOW.... 
my baby sister is a high school graduate. 
{today would be 5 years since I have graduated high school too} 



Happy Birthday Baby Sister!!! 
I hope you have the BEST day ever & I am so proud of you for everything you do. 
Sorry we couldn't stay one extra day to spend it with you but I sure hope you enjoy your birthday presents!!! 



Two Year Ago...

Happy Wednesday !!
I am so excited for today... by the time you read this:

1. I am on my way to the airport 
2. I am in the air flying to Minnesota 
3. I am with my baby sister again for her high school graduation for a week

When I booked our flights I didn't even realize I had picked June 6th. I just knew I wanted to get to Minnesota before graduation June 7th for graduation. So flights are booked & realized that today is 
A's & mine 2 year dating anniversary
prepare for photo overload from the past two years

{the first night we met...can you tell we were going to be getting married}

Today is the day I vowed to say goodbye to my single life after a week of being single

front row Tim McGraw 4 days after we met

Today is the day I will always remember driving in the car when you asked me to be your girlfriend & not knowing 

Brad Paisley Concert 2010

Today is the day of many to remember where we came from

looking over Petco Park

Today is the day I knew I would marry you

All before I was to become the Future Mrs. Gardner 
we sure had a good time together. Many concerts, dates, facial comparing, surviving working the fair, school and lots of vacations.. 

Than we got engaged
November 18,2010

The ring. Disneyland hotel November 18th will forever be remembered as the day I vow my forever

Than came the real fun

we went to a Laker game before deployment

Our trip to meet my parents in Las Vegas. 
Than you deployed for 6 months

came home from deployment & we were back to us. 
Padre games. 

visiting NC

Than Came

Here we are...

Wedding season while planning our own

& now we are a happy family waiting for October 13,2012 to seal our fate forever! 

Happy 2 years Babe! 
I love you. 
I can't wait to see what else our lives has to offer us in the next 80 years together!! 

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading & looking through the past two years with me! It has been a journey with it's ups & downs but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a lot more pictures but not enough room or time! 

Happy Wednesday