Are You Ready For March?

Hey Ya'll! Is anyone still out there reading this?

I know I suck. I wouldn't say I have been ridiculous, just been ridiculously busy between working two job, gym, vacation, putting the dog down, and hubby deploying, plus so much more it's been a whirlwind. 

But it's the last day of the month & it's Leap Year! I am so excited to see February is over & to start March fresh. Lots of things have changed this month and I am ready to start a 100 day challenge I will be sharing with ya'll! I also have other goals and dreams for this blog in the next few months, and so much more! 

Are you ready for March? I know I am beyond ready! 


Life Lately + Giveaway

Hey ya'll! 
I am just stopping in to share some of my life lately with you. It's been crazy. This month honestly has been the crappiest month for me and I am ready for it to be over. 

Before it's over though, I am leaving on vacation with my Sister and Mom on Monday for the entire week. I am ready to check out of reality for a bit to refocus on life. 

First: Many of you have asked me about my cup my sister has made me for Christmas. She decided to do a giveaway on instagram. **Rules: Follow Her // Follow me // Tag 3 friends on 1 of our insta pictures** You get to decide on what you want the mug to say (this is just for pictures)  

Second: This boy! He's been such a sweetheart. He just wants to lay around and be lazy. I think he knows Daddy is leaving. 

Three: I am still hitting the gym and hanging with my trainer. I am getting stronger I can tell since we started writing my workouts down. I am so ready for March to be here and start to really focus in on my nutrition & cardio. I will be sharing the journey with you along the way.  

Four: My animals. They are all so loving and so sweet. Make sure to follow along on insta too to see some of my favorite pictures of them. I am planning on doing a post all about them and introducing you to them. 

This old man is turning 15 next month. He's the 2nd dog I ever had and I am so thankful he's been there for a lot of my life and experienced a lot of it. He's truly taught me a lot more than he'll ever know. 

Five: Hubby & I have been trying to hang out and do little things lately as he won't be here for much longer to do them with me. I am sure going to miss this face! 

Valentine's Day: I made hubby protein packed pancakes. They were delicious. I did not track the macros as I have been super lax on them but I promise next time, I will for sure track them to share. 

My bear for V-day from the hubby. 

There you have it lately. Life has been crazy. We're all getting ready to readjust to life. I am working a ton. March will be strike 3 to get it all together. Third times a charm right? Super excited, I am so planning on giving Wifesticated a face lift and really focus back into blogging about my fitness journey and more. Make sure to follow along on insta for the giveaway and the fun pictures of next week! 


Saddest Post Ever - R.I.P Bandito

Happy President's Day!
I hope you get the day off & enjoy it

I am just popping in to say Thank you for the sweet comments about my dog on here  but with the saddest of hearts, I had to put him down Saturday night right in the middle of making Valentine's Day dinner. It sucked, it's hard, and I miss him more! 

He was a fighter. He had cancer back in May and we had it removed to confirm it was truly cancer. The vet told me it would come back because it had spread throughout and she couldn't get it all. It was just a matter of when. I told myself, if he lives until October than it was all worth it. I was actually nervous leaving him for a week because normally he wouldn't eat or anything. He survived. We had fun. He went on lots of car rides, lots of treats and lots of love. 

Sadly, his cancer came back. He was all bruised from it, he wouldn't lay down anymore, he stopped eating and barking and I was feeling horrible for keeping him alive because I wanted him. 

He crossed the Rainbow bridge Saturday night & I know he's up there with my cat Tiger and other dog we put down in 2007, Bj. Give lots of love to them Bandito, I am sure going to miss you lots! 


12/2002 - 02/13/2016


What A Crazy Weekend

Here we are again, almost half way through the month. I swear I just wrote out my goals for the month and here I am making sure I follow through with them.  

Let's take a look back at the week. 

This guy is going downhill FAST. Sadly his cancer came back. This time it's much worse and I am just trying to make him comfortable until I know the time is right for him. I sure will miss this face and the love he has for me. I will give it to him though, he's 12! 

Friday night started out the weekend of parties for us. Hubby passed his test that he was stressing over and his friends from work was having a bash downtown to celebrate.  

Let's just say we were home and in bed by 11pm. 

Saturday I had planned way before I knew about downtown. We were schedule for a brewery tour and dinner after to celebrate his 26th birthday with his best friend and his wife. 

Sunday: The day of recovery and a sad day for the Panthers. I struck gold with the cauliflower rice from Trader Joes and believe I bought 10 bags and already had 4 in the freezer. I love this stuff! 

Superbowl, I was rooting for the Panthers. I was super bummed that they fell short. The team just wasn't there, they weren't themselves. None the less though Keep Pounding! As far as next season, I pray Eric Weddle goes to a team that will destroy the Chargers. I have lost a lot of love I had for them after what they did to him. 

Than Monday was Hubby's Birthday. And we are back into the full swing of things. Lots of work and getting ready for a busy end of the month! 

How was your weekend?

Happy Hump Day! 


Friday Letters V.3

Dear Hubby, I know you look forward to these letters every Friday. Let me just say, I am so frickin' proud of you for passing this class. Well the test you passed yesterday, now everything is uphill from here. I love you lots! 

Dear Work, You're killing me this week! I have been doing some crazy hours and I work from home, WTF! I am going to get my sh!t together and get on you but I have a very busy weekend! 

Dear Weekend, I am excited for you. Hubby and I are actually leaving the house for more than just grocery shopping. Make sure to follow along on instagram and I'll be sure to post.  

Dear Blog, I put it on my TO DO list for March to revamp you and fully get back into you. The hubby will be gone and I will have lots of time to devote to you that  you deserve. So if all you lovely readers can hang out until than I promise I will return. I am even trying to make a editorial calendar. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments on the last blog post. It truly makes me happy. The no-reply bloggers though make me sad because I can't respond. Also, my review of HSN is coming and my 24 day challenge review is coming!  

Dear Cruise, You are so close! I am excited to see my Sister & Mom. It'll be very interesting!! 

That's all I have for ya'll today! 

Happy Friday & Be Safe This weekend! 

Let's go Panthers  


February Goals

Who used January as a warm up/trial month? January just slipped away from me and honestly I wouldn't even know what my goals were if I didn't write them down here. Looking back at them, just WOW!

Looking back at January Goals: All of my goals were a fail besides Monthly meal planning and starting the 24 day cleanse. 

Planning for February: This is a month of lots of changes happening for me

February Goals

  • Make sure to put Christmas Decor away: I have it all boxed up but just haven't actually put the boxes away. I know it's so simple just haven't done it. 

  • Continue meal planning: I am loving the fact of meal planning and not having to guess what's for dinner. 

  • Write two blog post a week: I am going to try to write twice a week, if I write more great but I am shooting for twice and I already have some great ideas in mind. (my HSN and my 24 day challenge experience) 

  • Spend as much time with the hubby as possible: Work is taking him again so it's important we spend time together and making those memories. 
I am keeping February short and simple this month to hopefully get back into the grove and actually remember my goals. Let's do this! 

What are your February Goals?