Are You Ready For March?

Hey Ya'll! Is anyone still out there reading this?

I know I suck. I wouldn't say I have been ridiculous, just been ridiculously busy between working two job, gym, vacation, putting the dog down, and hubby deploying, plus so much more it's been a whirlwind. 

But it's the last day of the month & it's Leap Year! I am so excited to see February is over & to start March fresh. Lots of things have changed this month and I am ready to start a 100 day challenge I will be sharing with ya'll! I also have other goals and dreams for this blog in the next few months, and so much more! 

Are you ready for March? I know I am beyond ready! 


  1. I am so ready for March cannot wait for the temps to start warming up and the weather starts to brighten up! There is something about March and it being spring that makes me have an extra pep in my step.

  2. I'm ready for march but I also can't believe that it's already here. 2016 is already flying by.