Life Lately + Giveaway

Hey ya'll! 
I am just stopping in to share some of my life lately with you. It's been crazy. This month honestly has been the crappiest month for me and I am ready for it to be over. 

Before it's over though, I am leaving on vacation with my Sister and Mom on Monday for the entire week. I am ready to check out of reality for a bit to refocus on life. 

First: Many of you have asked me about my cup my sister has made me for Christmas. She decided to do a giveaway on instagram. **Rules: Follow Her // Follow me // Tag 3 friends on 1 of our insta pictures** You get to decide on what you want the mug to say (this is just for pictures)  

Second: This boy! He's been such a sweetheart. He just wants to lay around and be lazy. I think he knows Daddy is leaving. 

Three: I am still hitting the gym and hanging with my trainer. I am getting stronger I can tell since we started writing my workouts down. I am so ready for March to be here and start to really focus in on my nutrition & cardio. I will be sharing the journey with you along the way.  

Four: My animals. They are all so loving and so sweet. Make sure to follow along on insta too to see some of my favorite pictures of them. I am planning on doing a post all about them and introducing you to them. 

This old man is turning 15 next month. He's the 2nd dog I ever had and I am so thankful he's been there for a lot of my life and experienced a lot of it. He's truly taught me a lot more than he'll ever know. 

Five: Hubby & I have been trying to hang out and do little things lately as he won't be here for much longer to do them with me. I am sure going to miss this face! 

Valentine's Day: I made hubby protein packed pancakes. They were delicious. I did not track the macros as I have been super lax on them but I promise next time, I will for sure track them to share. 

My bear for V-day from the hubby. 

There you have it lately. Life has been crazy. We're all getting ready to readjust to life. I am working a ton. March will be strike 3 to get it all together. Third times a charm right? Super excited, I am so planning on giving Wifesticated a face lift and really focus back into blogging about my fitness journey and more. Make sure to follow along on insta for the giveaway and the fun pictures of next week! 

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  1. Those pancakes look amazing and I love those pink workout pants!