Sorry Not Sorry

I am out of the office today because I am at DISNEYLAND

Sorry for neglecting this little ol' space of mine lately but honestly life has just been too much fun! 

With only a few more weeks left of my sister being in California with me, we are enjoying every moment! 
I am sure going to miss her when she returns back to Minnesota.

Still to come
-4th of July fun
-beach camping
-beach days

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! 

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Don't Want To Miss This

I am going to keep it simple & keep it short..
I am so busy today with work & errands & finishing up some other fun things in life. . 

But that doesn't mean I don't have something awesome for all my amazing readers... 

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Weekend Recap [V.25]

Wow What a Weekend
I am so sad it's already over & I want some sleep... 
It's the LAST week of June though & we are officially into Summer! 

At the same time, SLOW DOWN TIME.. I don't want my sister leaving yet...

We kicked summer off in the right way..

I got called off from work which made me super excited! So we decided to go to our county fair. 

Bus ride over to the fair grounds.
We are cheap & park in free parking!

Auntie Cy & E man! 

First Pig race Ever! 

He wanted his pictures with the cows! 

600+ lb pig. He reminds me of my dog Bandit! They have the same ears & sleep the same! 

The bus ride back to the car! 

We started early again! 
It was my cousin's highschool graduation party than off to Country Fest! 

Last of the fun filled weekend.
We celebrated the US Navy at the Padre Game for Navy Day 

Now can I go back to the weekend?
Work is over rated

How was your weekend?


Friday Letters [V.25]

Dear Friday,
Thank you for coming to the rescue. This week has been going by so fast and I couldn't be more excited. I think today is the day we MIGHT actually go visit the fair. 

Dear Weekend,
Go by slowly please. You always seem to fly by and than I am sitting down sunday like what in the world did I do this weekend?

Dear Cy,
I can't believe how fast our time together is flying by. I guess it is what happens we are having fun! I couldn't be more proud of you either for sticking with this workout plan. I promise it will help! Hang in there

Dear Preschool,
I am so excited that I am on my own time now and don't have to spend EVERY day there. Honestly it was truly stressing me out and I just have way too much to do with my other job than to just do preschool. I wish I could just have fun with the kiddos but it just isn't in the books right now. 

Dear weight loss,
We are at that moment again in our relationship where I am starting to hate you! Please let me love you again because I want to reach my goals. I set big goals and I plan on reaching them before our cruise in October. 

Dear Shakeology,
Thank you for cutting my cravings & allowing me not to eat everything in sight! 

Dear Summer,
We meet yet again! Thank you for bringing the warm weather and the ability to lay on the beach with some of my best friends. 

Dear Country Fest,
I am so excited to be at you again this weekend! Not only do I get to see some of my favorites but I also get to see my friend who I haven't seen in forever. Bring it on country fun! 

Dear Alex,
I love you. 

Dear Readers
Thank you for all the sweet comments about my little E-man graduating preschool. I can't believe he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Time sure does fly by way too quickly. I hope to bring you some more exciting post within the next few weeks. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Simply Needed

I honestly had this idea of having the best post ever!  Than today came and I have been super busy that it fell off the list of MUST DO's since summer class started Monday. Homework first Fun later. While I was exploring around for some motivation to get ALL my things done, this hit me! 

If I don't start somewhere I will be exactly where I am at this moment. 

With that said, 

Happy Thursday


How We Celebrate

Did you read yesterday that my little man officially graduated pre-school?
I feel old!

 Saturday we planned our yearly BBQ & turned it into a grad party/Birthday party for the little sister! 

Before the party though, I officially joined the colored hair group. I added some red to the natural brown hair that has NEVER been touched besides cut once every 6 months. 

Before the color...

After Pictures

Side by side 

Let me just mention how much I LOVE this dress from Pipley Vintage. It is the Wild Fire Maxi - there are only TWO left. Go get yours before they are out! 
It is comfy, long & just amazing. It is perfect for any summer fun!  I am 5'3 & in a small. 

When you visit Pipley Vintage make sure you mention I sent you that way! She will take amazing care of you no matter what & amazing customer service! 

Back to Saturday...

After the hair cut & color it was home to party! 

E- Man & mommy with her new hair! 

Grandma & E-man

He sure knows how to enjoy his ribs! 

Our new trampoline 

Jell-o Shot time! 

The cake

End of the night..

The Next Morning looking rough 

Over all it was one fun night & I can't wait to do it again but next time we will ALL be at the beach camping together! 

Happy Hump Day


Last Day of Pre-School

Last week I failed miserable at keeping up..
I guess when life starts to get too crazy for me, I stop blogging!! 

Just because I didn't blog doesn't mean I wasn't around though,The group giveaway went live over at Jasmine at Sassy Brunette 

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Why was it so crazy?
Last week consisted of lots of working and family coming to town on Thursday Morning. 

Friday was baby sister's 19th Birthday!!! 

Also, Friday was Eli's Preschool graduation
Do you follow me on instagram? You might of saw the pictures I posted throughout the weekend. 

Let the pictures begin... 

Grandpa Craig 

Grandma & Grandpa

Eli's partner in crime 

Our little family 

I have a kindergarten! It is so crazy to think how fast time flies when your having fun & how fast they grow up!! This is just the beginning of many more graduations to come. 

After graduation it was off to family dinner & we happen to buy a trampoline! 

Come back tomorrow to see how Saturday party went & the trampoline... 

Happy Tuesday 

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