Come Join The Party

First thing first, I have realized there are many new readers around these parts. Welcome! I know many of you are the quiet type who just read but never comment, here is your chance to just say hello to me. I am promising to respond to ALL comments that are left today. Please introduce yourself  to me. I want to get to know my readers more. I want to know who you are! 

Now onto the fun part of today.. Not only do I want you to say hello, I want you on my side bar for the month! 

You have come to the right spot! 

I am inviting all of you to come party with me
I can't say it will be as fun as my wedding but I can try

What Party you might ask?
Sponsor party
Free sponsor party

As my readers are growing daily & I even manged to make a facebook page, I am now reaching many more readers everyday & I would love for you to be apart of it. 

I have lots of good blog post coming this month such as my new fitness love, recipes, wedding recap, honeymoon recap, and more! 

Would you like to sponsor Wifesticated?


as of June 4,2013

GFC: 674+
Twitter: 492+
Pinterest: 428+
Instagram: 466+
BlogLovin': 189+

 Monthly page views (January 2013):  4600+

Weekly post: 5-6 times a week sometimes more & sometimes less 

Monthly Link-ups:  5-10 link ups per month including to Friday Letters. 

Still interested??

It works like a button swap!

 I will have your button under my Sponsor bar for an ENTIRE month you are sponsoring on the right side of the blog, while you must agree to have my button on your blog as well. Remember, this is FREE with coupon code!!
Note I changed the promo code for BIG ME

 Big Me Promo Code : WIFE13
Mini Me Promo Code: FREE4U 

If you have ANY troubles at all please let me know, i will try to get it fixed


Also, this month I am tackling the challenge of working out for 30 days.. Anyone want to join in on the challenge please let me know! I am only going to be working with first 5 who commit to me. 


  1. I call dibs on working out with you! & I'll do a button swap with you :D

  2. I'll button swap with you! <3

    My name is Jenny. I can't remember when I started reading your blog but I post more than I used to now!

  3. considering i haven't taken your button off my blog from like 2 months ago, i wanna do it again...lol.