3 Years In The Making

The night we met

3 years ago as of June 4,2010 was our first date,
Today marks 3 years exactly that we decided we would face the world together as Boyfriend and girlfriend. 
Tomorrow will be our first date all over again, Tim McGraw Concert! 

I can't believe 3 years ago today we were driving to Chelsea's house and no less than a sentence before I told you I wasn't interested in a relationship as I just ended one. You than turned and looked at me in my car saying, "so can I call you my girlfriend?" Way to leave me with much room to go from there. I apparently never told you No! 
I never thought we'd be where we are today. Husband and wife! Just wait, yes I did from the day we met. I told Courtney I would marry you & she thought I was crazy to be saying that and only 20. I guess you know when you know right?
 I know we said we wouldn't celebrate this "anniversary" anymore but I couldn't help it! We've come a long way since those pictures of front row Tim. 

I couldn't imagine my life without you maybe that's why I truly married you. We have been through the good, the bad & the ugly and we're still here together. We may not be perfect & we may fight sometimes but at the end of the day we are PERFECT for EACH OTHER

We've made it through a deployment, raising a 5 year old, having way too animals & a wedding. This is just the beginning of our journey together. 

As much as I would love to load ALL our pictures from the last 3 years (we are slacking the last couple of years though) I would be here ALL day! Since you always make fun of me for always having pictures.. I take them for these moments, these moments to look back to see how far we have come! 

What I am trying to say is,

Happy 3 year dating Anniversary!! 

I love you Alex!