Weekend Update [V. 22]

This is the week I have been waiting for since I booked her flight two months ago. 
This isn't the usual weekend or even week trip, she is staying for 6 weeks! Watch out on instagram for all the fun we are going to have. I have lots planned for her!! 
concerts, baseball games, parties, camping & more. 

Now that I am super excited that I don't even mind it is Monday besides the fact I would rather be home than at work, I will say I had a fun weekend! 

I got home from work to do my usual Friday.  I work out! I am really starting to enjoy starting my weekend off with a great workout! 

Than come to find out my father decided to bring the newest members of our family home... 

I believe we have named them Salt & Pepper

Than our quiet Friday night turned into a friends turned family type of night. We hung out at home in pjs and just caught up with each other. Around came 1am and off we went on an adventure to get California burritos.

It was Eli's last day of teeball. Secretly I am kind of excited so I can no longer have to be like, ya i would love to hang out just let me check teeball. The team went for pizza after the game than it was nap time. 
After nap we decided to do another workout. I really had no motivation to start but once I started there was no stopping!Yes sister is going to partake in these workouts too. She has NO Excuse not to!  

After the workout, we decided to make this yummy dinner out of my ChaLEAN food guide. It was so good!! 

 It was a quiet night at home catching up on sleep. 


I finally slept in. It felt so amazing to get some sleep. It was rest day for me, I always enjoy rest day. I did not skip my shakeology though! It always keeps me so full and keeps me from just munching on food because I am bored. 

 After, we decided to do a day date with Alex's best friend for dinner. 

& that my friend's is how my weekend rolled! 
Overall it was fun!!! 

Just because it's Monday & we can always use the motivation...

How was your weekend


  1. Lol at the fact that your dad brought home some ducks.

    My friend made their backyard into a gated pond so they can raise ducks and let them go once they we're old enough to.

    Good to see that you're still motivated and getting even more motivated to continue to work out. Hoping that I'm the same way after the 5 day fitness challenge. Can't wait to start tonight :)

  2. So exciting that your sister is coming to visit for six weeks! What concerts are you guys going to?

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