Friday Letters {V.22}

Just saying - if I happen to get a Louie I wouldn't be against it! 

Dear Friday,
Thank you! This week went by super fast thanks to Monday! Now if only every week went this fast, I would love it!! You are the LAST Friday & LAST day of the month!! 

Dear Time,
Speaking of going so fast, why must you go super fast when I want to enjoy my days home from working at the preschool or go super fast when I love hanging at the beach but when I am at work you seem to go super slow? 

Dear Shakeology,
Thank you for cutting my cravings & giving me a healthy meal each day! I seriously love you & look forward to you EVERY day! 

Dear Alex,
I really think that I deserve those dresses. The one would be super cute for graduation & the other would be even better for the BBQ at the house. I am just saying how awesome it would be!! Can I please get them? I love you. 

Dear Cy,
Next week you will be here. I am so excited to spend the next 6 weeks with you & show to you that you truly can get in shape. Just gotta find that motivation again & I will find it for you! 

Dear Ladies in my 5 day challenge,
We start on Monday! Are you ready? I am so excited to kick off this challenge & hoping that some of you will turn to a 30 day challenge with me. 

Dear 30 day challengers,
If you want to join my 30 day challenge starting June 10th please let me know. I would love to have you along in my journey. 

Dear Weight Loss,
I am so excited to start seeing my results. My first 30 day challenge is almost over & I cant wait to see what has changed. I know there's been a few changes !!! 

Dear June,
Where the freak did you get here? I can't believe we are already almost half way through 2013. SLOW DOWN!!! I am so excited because this means summer but at the same time, slow down so I can enjoy my time with my sister!! I have big plans for u & even bigger goals to achieve this month!! 

Dear Blog,
With everything that has been going on in my life, I have come up with some awesome blog post. I cant wait to share! Now if only I can find the time to write it all up. I wish the preschool had internet so I could blog while working! :) now that would be the dream!! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you again for everything & for always coming back! I promise next week will be day 2 of the honeymoon! & hopefully some other exciting things. I am hoping this month will be a much better month for me & my time management skills!

Dear Alex,
I am not to fond of this tattoo idea. You change your mind way too much to make me think that you truly want this. Just saying, I am not completely sold on it... 

Have a great weekend


  1. 30 day challenge??? Tell me about it.


  2. What is your 30 day challenge? And does shakeology really cut cravings and provide energy. Please give me the deets!