Weekend Update [V.18] & Giveaway Winner Announced

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Back to regular posting... 
It is Monday, Monday afternoon at that and I am just now getting around to updating my weekend. 
It was exactly what was in order.. 

Stayed home after work. Hung out. Made dinner. Nothing to exciting, nothing to fancy. 

It was the same as Friday. Went to teeball & stayed home. Alex went "camping" with his best friend.

Meanwhile I shared the bed with one of my favorites 

Cinco De Drinko.
I did just that! 
but before all that I had my week 1 phone chat with the best lady to get me all excited about my workout! 
I spent the day in Old Town with my Aunt, Uncle, Eli & Alex. 
It was so fun to walk around, drink,eat & shop a bit. 
I would say it was successful since I was drunk & asleep by 7pm! Makes for a great night sleep before Monday workday. 

& We manged to find this little cutie in the petting zoo! 

Today is May 6th which means life style change is in order. We are 5 months away from that birthday/anniversary cruise & I wanna be looking sexy for the hubby! 
Anyone want to join the challenge please let me know... 

On a side note: Lynda won the $25 to American Pretty Boutique. - Please email me. 

The promo code Wifesticated10 is still good though for 10% off your order! GET SHOPPING! 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I've been working out and a part of a fitness program. I've lost 4 lbs and 3 inches in one week!!! This trip will be here before I know it (2nd anniversary trip with the hubby). My other beach trip is even sooner!

  2. i wish we could have celebrated cinco together!!! GAH!