Weekend Recap [V.21]

The best part means that I am just now recapping my weekend from a 3 day weekend..
I know I never recapped last weekend but truth be told there was NO pictures from Dad's 50th birthday.. The only thing that was missed out on was I flooded my bathroom & a padre game with the brother. 

Also don't forget I FINALLY made a facebook page for this lovely ol' blog of mine!! 

Back to this weekend...

I worked at Preschool all day than came home did some workout & hung around. It was quiet & really needed a nice relaxing night at home. 

Still on my workout kick Day 13 of 30 for ChaLEAN extreme 
I promise to do a whole post on what I have been doing & how I have lost 13 inches total in the last 2 weeks 

We stayed home in the morning because the road was shut down until 1230pm. I finally slept in until 8:30 it felt so good!! In the afternoon we headed to my aunt's for dinner & family time. 



I normally dread sunday's because that means the weekend is basically over but not this time. We had an extra day. We hung out at home, did some catch up & than headed back to my aunts for some left overs & watch nascar. 

We slept in until 9am! We had to take full advantage of memorial day & did it feel amazing. Did some work & some laundry & back to the grind of working out & clean eating. 

 Seeing results & can't wait to finish the full 30 days! 

Dinner was Asian Stir Fry from the food guide of ChaLEAN
Back to the regular week of work work work... 

On a brighter note: My sister will be here in 8 days!!! 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! We know we loved relaxing together an extra day! I wish my sister was coming in 8 days! I still have 18 till she'll be here!

  2. looks like you had a fun weekend. I wish we had some warm weather but we didn't. We had rain and cold weather :(

  3. That sounds like a fantastic weekend!

    I'm glad you are happy to see results.