Friday Letters {V.18}

Dear Readers, thank you for all your sweet comments this week on the personal story. Don't forget about the giveaway happening now! 

Dear Weekend, I am so ready for you!! I can't wait to maybe clean my desk off, file out the paperwork that I MUST get done & enjoy a nice cinco de drinko with my family! 

Dear 90 degree weather, I love you when I can beach it all day like I did yesterday but this whole you wanna be even hotter today than yesterday & I am stuck at work is NOT nice. You are just a tease. 

Dear Baby Sister, I can't believe you will be back in San Diego in 33 days. I can't wait! We got lots to do including some hiking & fun! 

Dear Weight loss, We will meet again on Monday! Please join in me for a 21 day challenge! I promise it'll be life changing!! 

Dear Taking a leap of Faith, We are finally doing it TOGETHER! It is something we have been praying for & praying it all goes well. I promise to let you all know once we know what for sure is happening but right now it is just a leap of faith. 

Dear May, I can't believe you are already here. Please go semi slow because next months means we are half way through the year. This year is just flying by way too fast!!! Also, please make this one great month & I can achieve all my goals. 

Dear Alex, I love you! Hope you have a great weekend camping & I will see you sunday for family fun!! 



  1. You always have so many secrets that I just want to know already

  2. Wasn't YESTERDAYS weather nasty. I thought all day "This is seriously ridicululous" -- luckly, I live 2 miles from the beach, if that, so I may have to spend some time down there this summer.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. i need to get my fat ass to the gym. STAT. let's change our lives together.