It's Ok Thursday

It's Ok

...I made the BEST shakeology drink this morning

...I am on day 4 of ChaLEAN extreme & loving it 

...that I am no longer shopping, i miss it but I rather pay off my credit card bills & plan for our next cruise 

...I pulled out my pair of jeans that I want to fit into by the time my 30 day challenge is over 

...that I am going to be doing a 5 day fit challenge, want to join? Just let me know! Also, a 30 day challenge! I am only going to take between 5-7 ladies for it. It will be us against the world! 

...that I have no desire to work today but I know I have LOTS to do so I must do it

...that since starting Shakeology, I have eaten less & made better food choices. 

...my whole mind set has changed over the last two weeks due to working out again 

...that I have dreams of being in the 120's again soon 

...that I made a facebook page finally 

NOT okay that I have to work a FULL day tomorrow at preschool but I guess that's good for paying my speeding ticket from last week!  

Happy Friday Eve!! 

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I would much rather spend money on traveling than clothes. Travel > new clothes

  2. i will do the challenge with you!! sign me up chick!

  3. So excited for the challenge!!!

  4. If I were more healed, I would join in this challenge.

    I LIKED your facebook page