Weekend Update [V.19]

My weekend is over. I can't believe how fast it goes when your having fun and relaxing. We did nothing too exciting so if you decide not to finish reading, I understand. 

I will say though that San Diego thinks its summer time not spring so this 100+ degree weather is OVER RATED

I stayed home and watched one of my favorite movies. 

Does anyone else ALWAYS cry when she starts talking to Bear in the grave?  This movie gets me EVERY TIME & I just love it. 

I slept in. This seems to ever be the only days I can sleep in. 
We went to teeball. 

After teeball it was family nap time than off to my aunts for dinner than off to the mall to pick up one of my favorite ladies a birthday present

The super comfy toms!! 
Than off to her birthday BBQ

I love you & hope you have the BEST day! 
Yup this is how we roll! 

Woke up hung over. 
Got my nails fixed :) 
Went to fish house Via Cruz for a yummy Mommy's day lunch. 
& Watched Safe Haven 

Totally recommend this movie. It is different than the book, but what movies actually follow the book? It is still worth watching! 

How was your weekend & Mother's day


Lauren said...

Loving the new name girl!! :) I absolutely LOVE Sweet Home Alabama & Safe Haven! :)


Stephanie said...

I cry at the Bear part too!!! Well, I did once, now I know to fast forward through it!

Sassy Brunette said...

I loved the movie Safe Haven. Super cute movie.

I had a fabulous mother's day.

Happy mothers day to you!!

kailyn @ smalls said...

LOL Stacey just loves boobs!

shannon said...

i couldn't stomach sweet home alabama. please don't hate me.