May Goals

Isn't that the truth
I am in search of some change so my life will get better.. 
I miss blogging about my monthly goals so I thought I would bring it back

 May Goals 

1. Workout for 30 days doing ChaLEAN diet 
I know I have changed my "diet" plan more than most people change their undies so I am hoping I will stick to this one. I hear it is like Jillian Michaels therefore I really should enjoy it. I even went & bought a binder for all the goodies to keep me on track. 

2. Stop drinking soda 
This is HUGE for me. I am a Dr. Pepper addicted. It is bad on how much I love DP. Therefore, I am saying goodbye once & for all. I did it many years ago & give it up for a year n half so I am hoping I can reach that mark again! 

3. Pay off one credit card 
I don't have a lot of credit cards but I do have some that still have a balance. My goal is to pay at least one off before the end of the month. 

4. Stop stressing out
Make time to do all the work you need to do. Don't save it for the end of the month all it does is stress me out. I am praying that I can clean up my desk & manage my time a bit better. 

5. Make a budget 
I have many BIG things coming up in my life, this summer is going to be one for the record books. I need to make a budget to achieve goal #4 & some. 

What are your May Goals?


  1. Good luck with your goals! A lot of my goals revolve around money and working out as well.

  2. I love that you didn't make too many goals. Good luck! I only have one goal for May right now...finish all my paperwork by the end of the month so I can enjoy the last week with my students instead of stressing.

  3. Good luck! I definitely need to get my credit card paid off this month. There's just so many cute things I keep buying though...

  4. Good luck on your goals! I know the feeling of loving a drink! I use to kill for my mountain dew but now I do not even drink them! Its been almost 6 months now since I had caffeine like that... So I know you can do it :)

  5. stupid bills. stupid money. stupid real life. i hate it all.