It's Ok I am Back

This might be hands down the BEST e-card out there..

Back to regular scheduling if I ever truly have a regular schedule of things around these parts.. 

It's Ok

...Today is the last day EVER of It's Ok with Brunch with Amber

...That I might continue to do this on my own just because sometimes its a way to just vent 

...that I took this week off due to school, working a ton, recovering from Dad's 50th & so much more

...that I flooded my bathroom on Dad's 50th 

...that Dad wants me to go back to school for my current job to hopefully help out 

...I got an A in my class this semester (About frickin' time) 

...that I have summer class though than 1 class away from my Preschool Directors permit through the state of California 

...that I am seriously thinking about heading back to school for my master next fall 

...that I am 134 days away from my Birthday/Anniversary cruise so I will be on the grind 

...that I am doing a 5 day fitness challenge & can't wait to speak with all the ladies involved 

...that I love my husband 

...that I am so far behind on work that I need to spend this weekend catching up 

...that I have big dreams & hopes 

...that I have many post ideas in my head & yet I feel I have no time to write them 

...to follow me on insta because I am so far behind on catch up on here 

...that Today is Friday Eve because I can't wait for the weekend to finally sleep in 

What are you saying It's Ok about? 

Its Ok Thursdays

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