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Weekend Update [V.17]

I can't believe it is the LAST Monday of the month
Where did April go? Oh ya that's right 
 it's with January, February & March! 
This year is just flying on by.. before we know it it'll be Christmas again..
Before we even start thinking about Christmas, I need to make it through summer & October. 

The last weekend of the month was fun & just what was needed minus I could of gone for a few more hours of sleep. No matter how hard I try to sleep in though - I just can't do it! 
Anyone else have this problem? 

Back to what my weekend looked like

This was very uneventful. Matter of fact, Alex & I were so tired from coming home Monday & back to work I went Tuesday , I was in bed by 9pm!! 

I did some work around the house than off to baseball we went for the first time in a few weeks. 

After baseball we headed down to the mall. I needed to exchange some clothes that was ripped. 
If you follow me on Insta - you know that I have the most amazing husband. 

I got this beautiful necklace just because. It is simply perfect.  Than it was off to my Aunt's house for dinner and home & bed. 

Work around the house. Sunday seems to be our day to prepare for the week. The weeks are so busy for us and sometimes we just forget the simple things. 

I did manage to make these yummy waffles though for breakfast before my chaLEAN starts after cinco de drinko! 

Overall, the weekend was great!

How was your weekend


Friday Letters {V.17}

Dear Readers,
Thank you for hanging out this week- I have been seriously so busy. I really don't know how you all do it all the time. I am over here going crazy. 

Dear Work,
Please do yourself. I am truly over you yet so much of you still to do. 

Dear Preschool,
As much as I love you kiddos - I am truly starting to feel overwhelmed working there & still doing medical billing. As much as I hate to say it, I hope I am let go come summer to catch a break & catch up on life. 

Dear Birthday/Anniversary cruise,
You are 6 months away & about 20 lbs to lose! LET'S DO THIS!! 

Dear WeightLoss,
Speaking of said cruise - I am starting ChaLEAN come May 6 - Anyone done this? Thoughts? I am hoping I truly get the results I am hoping for and find motivation. Anyone want to join in please let me know. 30 day challenge ! 

Dear Little Sister,
I can't wait for you to come visit. Make sure you bring your workout clothes, because 6 weeks of just eating isn't going to fly. We have to do something. 

Dear weekend,
Please go slowly. I gotta work, clean and catch up on my sleep. I can't wait to spend it with you. 

Dear Readers,
Do you like all American made clothes? Check out American Pretty Boutique. - I am giving away $25 next week until than use promo code WIFESTICATED10 for 10% off your entire purchase. I honestly love everything I have ordered. 

Dear Self,
Stop beating yourself up. You truly are just stressing yourself out for no reason because everyone around you is not stressed. Hang out - sit back & just let it all happen exactly how it's suppose too. You can't change the unknown. 

Dear Alex,
Hope you had a good 2 days back at work. Back at life as we know it. I love you. 


It's Ok I Am Finally Back

Its Ok Thursdays
Finally I am back for today.. 
I know I will get to sharing my honeymoon pictures & the fun. 

Today I am linking up for this awesome post.. 

It's Ok

...that today is Thursday & I truly wish it was the weekend 

...that I have worked EVERY day since I have come home

...NOT ok that I did not get a vacation from my vacation to catch up on work & other life things

...I am going to be starting the ChaLEAN - May 6th Anyone want to join?

...that I gained so much weight on my cruise that now I am on the mission to lose 20lbs - post to come

...that I have already booked 2 more cruises 
Anniversary/Birthday cruise coming up in 6 months.

...that my sister will be here in 41 days for 6 weeks

...that I have a giveaway coming up to this American Pretty Boutique for a chance to win $25 until than use promo code WIFESTICATED10  for 10% off entire purchase 

...guest post is coming up on someone's awesome weight loss story 

...that I am about to snap my phone in half because I can't beat level 65 on candy crush. WTF! 

...that I truly have missed blogging 

...that I am going to get back to work for today

Happy Thursday


We Are Home!

We are home.
Honeymoon is officially over
Gained a lot of weight
& loved every minute of it!! 

Bare with me this week as I play catch up on the blog/work/school and everything else I put on hold while I was gone. I promise to share the pictures & get back to the wedding photos! 

Happy Monday


Friday Letters {V.16}

Dear Readers,
Is that what you think too? I used to want to know but now I am kind of over it all & want my privacy back. This is why I rarely update my facebook "status" & don't post anything I really don't want people to know. On the flip side - I probably abuse instagram just saying! 

Dear Alex,
We are in Santa Barbara today, most likely going wine tasting at some point! By the time anyone reads this post, maybe we already had our first drink for the day to begin DAY DRINKING at its finest I would suppose. Happy Honeymoon Cruise. I love you!

Dear Cy,
I can't wait to see you. The count down is on but please pack work out stuff because its going to happen. No stuffing our faces & not working out again!! I got to get in shape..Hang in there & finish school strong!!! You've almost completed your first year of college. I am so proud. 

Dear Cruise,
You are here. I am loving you. Please go by slowly. 

Dear weight loss,
We will be meeting again next week. Please prepare yourself & get ready. It is going to be game on !! I need to lose 20 lbs & I have some more motivation. Anyone want to join along in the journey - please do so!

Dear Readers,
Please have a great weekend. 
Stay safe.


It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

At this very moment, I am most likely boarding the cruise ship or already on enjoying my first drink. NO judging at the early day drinking! 

I am linking up once again for It's Ok Thursdays..

It's Ok...

-I am on a boat...

-To enjoy an early drink when I am on my cruise

-to finally go on my honeymoon cruise 6 months after being married 

-to go on honeymoon cruise with dad, his girlfriend, aunt, & uncle. Can you say family party? 

-that I got a new phone after Monday's drama with it. 

-that my husband has the entire week off now. {I honestly can't remember the last time he took leave let alone a week of leave} 

-That I packed my entire closet for this 4 day cruise. 

-that I am so excited for baseball season, I pretty much bought all the Padre gear from Victoria Secret

- that I am taking a break from reality until I can settle back into a swing of things

-that I will meet my weight loss journey again next week 

that today is Thursday because It is my weekend

Happy Thursday! 


The Morning Of The Best Day Part Two

Did you catch Part 1 ?
We celebrated our 6 months on Saturday. 
We are now about to go on our honeymoon FINALLY.
My laziness is coming to an end & I decided I should really start sharing these awesome pictures that I have from our wedding. After all, I got over 5000 & it was truly worth every penny I paid!! 

I/the girls stayed in a 3 bedroom villa from the night before & it became the after party & the boys got ready in our trailer my dad towed over to the golf course. 
Yes I got married at a golf course/bar

Let me just preface this saying, the morning of my wedding was unbelievable. I honestly woke up/never slept ready & excited. My event planner at the course was going crazy because the chairs/seat covers weren't there that I finally told her that my family would stand & no one would care about green chairs. In the end, everything worked out perfectly even through her attitude. We all truly were so relaxed & just enjoyed the day being with the closest people to me.

My morning was so awesome, I needed two post to cover it & still probably missed some things. 

Onto the good stuff..

Part two of the morning 
All photos are from David Champagne Photography
I wish I could get married again to have him photograph us. 
This is from AFTER the pizza...

Reading my LAST card.. 
Sorry Cy for the picture... 

My twin

Front of the sweats from Part 1. They are ordered off Etsy. If anyone wants to know who from please let me know & I can look

Alex Getting Ready

We did gifts before the wedding

When he opened the gift. 
It was the gun metal gray Nixon 51-30 watch he wanted

Eli & Alex

Uncle Dude & Eli

Ring Bearer Eli & Flower Girl Samiah 

my gift
Alex wrapped it in a Wal-Mart bag

& got me an anniversary card instead of a wedding one

Got my charm bracelet 
[R.I.P Bracelet - I lost the whole thing at Disneyland this year] 

Getting my drink on

The first time in a long time I have seen my mama cry
It truly broke my heart but I knew it was tears of joy. 
Her baby girl was/is growing up. 

Family help to make sure I smell pretty 

Just to leave you with a teaser... 
I did a first look with my dad {more on first looks because I did a few & think they truly deserve their own post} Let me just say, if you are getting married in the near future or anytime at all. DO A FIRST LOOK! After all I am my daddy's ONLY daughter & his youngest child. 

Happy Hump Day!


What I Have Learned in Six Months of Marriage

In light of what happened yesterday in Boston, my heart & prayers go out to them! My heart breaks for the little 8 year old boy that died waiting to watch daddy cross the finish line! May those families find strength to carry on! 

 I promised I would write this post about what I have learned the 1st 6 months of marriage, I am going to try to bust it out before I must start to pack as I leave in exactly two days from this very moment & NOTHING is packed & tomorrow I am at work. On a side note - I fixed my phone! My home button stopped working because my screen popped off & the top button would sometimes stop working so apple just gave me a new phone. 

What I have learned in the first 6 months of Marriage bliss

1. Communication - This is the biggest thing in a relationship. I have never truly believed it until we were married and now we count on each other for everything. Also, my OCD takes over so I must do things my way or else. 

2. Fights doesn't mean divorce -  I very rarely saw couples that I idolized fight growing up. {can't say my parents because they are divorced} Now that I know the stress of marriage is so much more and you fight over stupid things, it doesn't mean its the end of the world. Half the time it means I just haven't ate in awhile and or haven't had coffee for the day. 

3. Comprise: We are always working on this, well at least I am. As stated before, I am very much my way or no way. So much so, we HAVE to watch the ID channel when going to bed. I am just making sure I know how to properly take care of things if I must {just kidding}

4. Stop being a smart ass, Alex doesn't find this too funny some nights. Most nights if he is cranky because he does get up at 4am so I must watch what I say. 

5. It truly isn't all candy, cakes and lollipops. Not that I really like any of that besides the cake with some ice cream. Marriage truly is work. You can't just drive home to a quiet room because now you share that room with that said person and must fight it out or just go to sleep and forget about it. 

6. Can't complain about my weight if I keep doing the same thing, story of my life. I can bitch to hubby all the time that I am fat but I honestly haven't truly changed anything for a long period of time. He will love me, after all I have a contract signed by him to prove it! Not to mention, a beautiful ring. 

7. Pick my battles, This is a reoccurring reminder. I must pick them wisely because otherwise we would be always at each other's throats and nothing would ever get done. Yes we fight, yes we make up, yes we repeat the cycle. Sometimes its a couple hours, sometimes its a few months. Things happen, we are growing, we are learning more about each other every day. 

8. Kids are not our marriage, yes we love him. Yes we do things for him. If we do not do things for each other first, and take each other into consideration than he will suffer. It takes some time to remember this & to put it forward. Sometimes all it takes is a few nights out a month with just the two of you! plus, we want to teach him what true love is and what a true marriage is about so when he grows up he can find it too. 

9. Don't hold back. Honesty is the best trait in someone. I have said this my whole life. No matter how brutal is it or how much you think that person will get hurt by it. Trust me when I say, most people would rather hear the truth from the source than to hear it from someone else and it get all twisted and come across as something you truly didn't want it to sound like. 

10. Partner in crime, life is way better. Yes I am that girl that hates to go to the bathroom alone, yes I hate going shopping alone. So with that said, everything is just that much better with Alex. We have each other to lean on through the rough spots and each other to shine and experience the good stuff. It may get hard but at the end of the day we have each other! 

These might not exactly be the best 10 tips that I have learned from marriage & I might even bring you what I learned from honeymooning 6 months after marriage.

 I honestly probably could think of more tips and could leave some out but it is what we have for now. Just remember, each marriage is different. It truly is what you put into it! Don't compare your marriage to others because you never know what happens in their home. 

Happy Tuesday 


Weekend Update [V.15]

I had every intention of blogging about my weekend but than I get home & get ready & my home button on my iphone just stopped working. So there are no pictures from this weekend, not that I did anything intersting.
I just watched Zero Dark Thirty, went out with Kay & packed up Eli to head to my aunts on Thursday. 
Like I said, nothing to fun!!
It's not even a year old matter of fact its 5 months old..
& worse part is I leave thursday for the cruise so wtf am I going to do..
& my candy crush... I am on level 65!!! 

I am in Bitch mood now!!! 

Happy Monday to ya'll
Hope you had a better Monday



Friday Letters {V.15}

Dear Alex,
Happy 6 month Anniversary tomorrow. I love you. 

Dear Week,
You have been so draining on me. I am ready for saturday to sleep in. 

Dear packing,
I hate you. Please just pack yourself.

Dear honeymoon,
I am excited to spend 4 days away from reality & just relax. Please go hurry & get here but go by slowly! 

Dear toddlers,
As much as I love you all, I am ready to have my old job hours back.
4 days at home working instead of going into preschool. 
It really is starting to affect many other things.

Dear Cy,
I am so excited you will be spending 6 weeks in San Diego with me & for sure we have 2 concerts we are going too & a Padre's game. Next thing to plan is Disneyland & beach camping. 

Dear Beach Camping,
I pray that we still get a spot. I am so looking forward to you. 

Dear weight loss,
we shall meet again after said "honeymoon" before "one year anniversary cruise" 

Dear Readers,
Thank you you all your sweet comments this week. I hope to have more wedding updates on the blog next week. Along with what I have learned in the first 6 months of marriage & let me tell you, I have learned A LOT. 

Have a Great Weekend!
Have a drink & relax. 
You deserve it!


It's Ok ...

Thank the Lord today is Thursday & Tomorrow is Friday...
I am ready to do my to do list..
wait who am I kidding? I will probably only cross off one thing & that is to enjoy a nice cold beer! 
Today I am linking up with these lovely Ladies for ...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...

- That I have drank the last couple of nights. 

-That I am so far behind on work, I will get to it today 
[praying I do anyways] 

-That I am loving the hair cut even though its already growing & I can tell but now I am excited to low light my hair in June

-that my baby sister will be in San Diego for 6 weeks this summer

-that Kay & I went to the Duck's game last night & She's an Ave's fan & I am a Duck's fan yet we Love each other.

-That there is way too much drama on twitter about blog land

-that I lost a follower {obviously she truly wasn't following me for all the right reasons} because I am a #IRL friends with Kay

-She even blocked me on twitter & I didn't even get involved in the drama she caused. 
Talk about grow up

-Speaking of said drama, that drinking at Disneyland just makes it that much better.

-That one week from today at this very moment, I will be on a ship with drink in hand. 

-I can't wait to sleep in on Saturday 

-that I am running out of things to type & I am just so tired, I just want to sleep. 

- That this is how I feel today if you can't say anything nice 


The Morning Of The Best Day...

Saturday will mark our 6 month anniversary! 
Where is the time going
With our honeymoon cruise coming up next week, I couldn't be more excited to hit this milestone and have many more to come. 

Let's go back to 6 months ago.. 
How beautiful the day was considering just 3 days earlier we had the biggest storm San Diego saw all year long. 
The 13th of October was here. 
Finally, it seemed like forever since I was planning the wedding well over a year before the actual day. 
The skies were blue, the sun was bright & warm and the wind was just right. 

I was up at 5:30am if I even slept.. Alarm was ringing &
I was up & ready for my Starbucks's to start the BEST day of my life. 
I was ready to marry my Best Friend. 

We kept some things traditional..I didn't see Alex or my dad  until going to see each other for our first look! 

The Morning of the Big Day
All pictures from this post if Jessica Ann Photography 
 Where all the Bridesmaid & girlfriends stayed the night before 

 The Hanger that cause me the MOST stress/drama for the entire wedding 
 The cups came back & ready to be used
Yes my bridesmaids were drunk walking down & I was feeling it! 

 My momma! 
The shirt I made her. 
We called her the gangsta Momma since the "M" was all messed up

Enjoying my last morning as a Sieberg 

 Bridesmaid Gifts 

Then pizza finally arrived right before I jumped into my dress...
Yes we ordered pizza for lunch for all of us ladies// the groomsmen kept coming by to say hi too...
The Morning started at 5:30 am & the wedding wasn't until 4:30 so we had some time to enjoy everything

I sometimes think I wish I could go back to this day.. 
to experience it all over again..
to feel those feelings again..
to party like we did..
to say I am sorry to some people.. 
to say I love you to a few more people...
to make it more about Alex & I instead of everyone else.. 
to change somethings & to make sure I did everything I wanted to do. 

This was honestly the beginning of the 
best day of my life...