The Morning Of The Best Day Part Two

Did you catch Part 1 ?
We celebrated our 6 months on Saturday. 
We are now about to go on our honeymoon FINALLY.
My laziness is coming to an end & I decided I should really start sharing these awesome pictures that I have from our wedding. After all, I got over 5000 & it was truly worth every penny I paid!! 

I/the girls stayed in a 3 bedroom villa from the night before & it became the after party & the boys got ready in our trailer my dad towed over to the golf course. 
Yes I got married at a golf course/bar

Let me just preface this saying, the morning of my wedding was unbelievable. I honestly woke up/never slept ready & excited. My event planner at the course was going crazy because the chairs/seat covers weren't there that I finally told her that my family would stand & no one would care about green chairs. In the end, everything worked out perfectly even through her attitude. We all truly were so relaxed & just enjoyed the day being with the closest people to me.

My morning was so awesome, I needed two post to cover it & still probably missed some things. 

Onto the good stuff..

Part two of the morning 
All photos are from David Champagne Photography
I wish I could get married again to have him photograph us. 
This is from AFTER the pizza...

Reading my LAST card.. 
Sorry Cy for the picture... 

My twin

Front of the sweats from Part 1. They are ordered off Etsy. If anyone wants to know who from please let me know & I can look

Alex Getting Ready

We did gifts before the wedding

When he opened the gift. 
It was the gun metal gray Nixon 51-30 watch he wanted

Eli & Alex

Uncle Dude & Eli

Ring Bearer Eli & Flower Girl Samiah 

my gift
Alex wrapped it in a Wal-Mart bag

& got me an anniversary card instead of a wedding one

Got my charm bracelet 
[R.I.P Bracelet - I lost the whole thing at Disneyland this year] 

Getting my drink on

The first time in a long time I have seen my mama cry
It truly broke my heart but I knew it was tears of joy. 
Her baby girl was/is growing up. 

Family help to make sure I smell pretty 

Just to leave you with a teaser... 
I did a first look with my dad {more on first looks because I did a few & think they truly deserve their own post} Let me just say, if you are getting married in the near future or anytime at all. DO A FIRST LOOK! After all I am my daddy's ONLY daughter & his youngest child. 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. awww these photos are amazing & wonderful! :)

  2. So Sad about your bracelet....

  3. love. great pictures/photographer! wish i would have stopped by with chels instead of being a bum!

  4. I really want to do a FIRST LOOK picture with my dad - That's something I always said I wanted to do. :) I am glad you did it too!

    Sounds like you had a fun morning. I hope mine is as chill and relaxed.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. OH.MY.GOD.
    these are amazing.
    like i love them all.

  6. Ooooooo - more fantastic photos! I can't wait to see more.

  7. Don't show Josh that watch because he's wanted it forever! I bought him the cheaper Fossil instead (hello wedding budget) and he still wants the Nixon. Figures!