Friday Letters {V.16}

Dear Readers,
Is that what you think too? I used to want to know but now I am kind of over it all & want my privacy back. This is why I rarely update my facebook "status" & don't post anything I really don't want people to know. On the flip side - I probably abuse instagram just saying! 

Dear Alex,
We are in Santa Barbara today, most likely going wine tasting at some point! By the time anyone reads this post, maybe we already had our first drink for the day to begin DAY DRINKING at its finest I would suppose. Happy Honeymoon Cruise. I love you!

Dear Cy,
I can't wait to see you. The count down is on but please pack work out stuff because its going to happen. No stuffing our faces & not working out again!! I got to get in shape..Hang in there & finish school strong!!! You've almost completed your first year of college. I am so proud. 

Dear Cruise,
You are here. I am loving you. Please go by slowly. 

Dear weight loss,
We will be meeting again next week. Please prepare yourself & get ready. It is going to be game on !! I need to lose 20 lbs & I have some more motivation. Anyone want to join along in the journey - please do so!

Dear Readers,
Please have a great weekend. 
Stay safe.


  1. I requested to follow your instagram! I am addicted to it, more than FB

  2. Have a great weekend and a great cruise.

  3. Totally an Instagram abuser as well and deleted Facebook because I couldn't handle all that nonsense. Hope you're having a wonderful cruise!

  4. i will join you on your weight loss journey! and have fun you lucky cruising skank!

  5. Haters and gunna Hate -- but that's why I am your friend because I blogloveyou. Yes! It's true!!

    I had some problems with people on facebook so I just hit that little "unfriend" button and BOOM - my instagram is also on private until i okay it for you to be my friend -- and as for MY BLOG -- I had a problem with people...one in particular...state I was "talking shit" and "jabbing at them" on my blog and I was like "What the Hell are you reading?? Cause I have not once done that" -- and then I wrote a post about how this is MY blog, and if someone doesn't like what i have to say on it, I never told them they had to read it. You know? :)

    Don't let it get you down - because the rest of us here LOVE you and LOVE your blog/instagram/facebook/ETC.

    PS. I did it - I changed my BLOG NAME, you inspired me!! Thanks!!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  6. glad you finally get a break! hope you're having so much fun! remember to bring me back something nice :]

  7. I hope you enjoy your cruise! Can't wait to hear/see all about it.