The Morning Of The Best Day...

Saturday will mark our 6 month anniversary! 
Where is the time going
With our honeymoon cruise coming up next week, I couldn't be more excited to hit this milestone and have many more to come. 

Let's go back to 6 months ago.. 
How beautiful the day was considering just 3 days earlier we had the biggest storm San Diego saw all year long. 
The 13th of October was here. 
Finally, it seemed like forever since I was planning the wedding well over a year before the actual day. 
The skies were blue, the sun was bright & warm and the wind was just right. 

I was up at 5:30am if I even slept.. Alarm was ringing &
I was up & ready for my Starbucks's to start the BEST day of my life. 
I was ready to marry my Best Friend. 

We kept some things traditional..I didn't see Alex or my dad  until going to see each other for our first look! 

The Morning of the Big Day
All pictures from this post if Jessica Ann Photography 
 Where all the Bridesmaid & girlfriends stayed the night before 

 The Hanger that cause me the MOST stress/drama for the entire wedding 
 The cups came back & ready to be used
Yes my bridesmaids were drunk walking down & I was feeling it! 

 My momma! 
The shirt I made her. 
We called her the gangsta Momma since the "M" was all messed up

Enjoying my last morning as a Sieberg 

 Bridesmaid Gifts 

Then pizza finally arrived right before I jumped into my dress...
Yes we ordered pizza for lunch for all of us ladies// the groomsmen kept coming by to say hi too...
The Morning started at 5:30 am & the wedding wasn't until 4:30 so we had some time to enjoy everything

I sometimes think I wish I could go back to this day.. 
to experience it all over again..
to feel those feelings again..
to party like we did..
to say I am sorry to some people.. 
to say I love you to a few more people...
to make it more about Alex & I instead of everyone else.. 
to change somethings & to make sure I did everything I wanted to do. 

This was honestly the beginning of the 
best day of my life... 


  1. Awww great photos!!! Love the bridesmaids gifts and the sweat suits y'all wore. :)

  2. The sweats are too cute!! And you know I love those glasses ;)

  3. I want to make my girls sweatsuits too - so I love that you got those made for the girls and yourself. How Exciting.

    The photos are gorgeous. I Love it. :) Makes me want to fast forward a year because I am SO ready for my Wedding day.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. Cyn is like, I HAVE THE FOOD GUYS, I'M HAPPY!!!

  5. So neat and beautiful! Love the photos and how you wore comfortable shoes on your day!

  6. I love the photos! cute comfy shoes... Happy anniversary to you two!

  7. What a wonderful wedding! Thanks for sharing photos.

  8. i'm going to punch you you're so pretty. and i mean that in a good way.

  9. We had pizza before, too. :-) Thank God! I had forgotten to plan for lunch and our salon was right next door to a pizza place. Otherwise, we would have been some hungry ladies!