It's Ok Today is Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
Today I am linking up for It's Ok Thursday...

It's Ok...

***That I have 13 days until our cruise & I have lost all motivation to work out

**that today is the day I will be chopping my hair

***that I am addicted to Candy Crush but I need plane tickets to get more levels.. Help anyone?

***That I am thinking I will go by starbucks when going to my haircut

***that I am so far behind on work, what's waiting one more day to do it?

***that I just want to quit on life this week

***that everything that could go wrong this week has gone wrong 

***that I am so ready for that cruise to just relax & get away from stresses of life

***that I am really considering dying my hair for the first time ever 

***that I love my new blog name & layout, Thank you Kay!

***that I am slacking on bloggy recipes & bloggy topics. Sorry my life just isn't that interesting anymore

***that my little sister might be coming out to california for 6 weeks instead of 4! 

***that my Husband works for the Navy yet I can't get beach camping until 10 weeks out instead of 12 like other military. 

***that it is Thursday which means it's Friday Eve 

It's ok that I am done complaining about my week. I feel like all these are just me bitching & moaning about how crazy my week has been, Super sorry about that!! 


Miss776 said...

Hugs my friend... Your vacation will be here before you know it and you will feel like a new woman!

Stephanie + Walter said...

OMG I love that ecard!!

Ashlee said...

Don't worry - my week has been not eventual or perfect either. I am actually thrilled its thursday because then its my weekend starting tomorrow. I am over this week as a whole, and hoping next week is better.

I am with you girl on the lack of motivation to work out and get healthy going in my life again. oops.

Happy Friday Eve!

-Ashlee Michelle

Courtney said...

Yay for a new haircut!! Can't wait to see pics!

shannon said...

take me beach camping with you!! that sounds amazing.

and if our friendship on facebook worked like it was supposed to i would send you tickets!

Hilary said...

I straight paid the $.99, lol. I'm stuck on level 78 now.