Friday Letters {V.14}

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up finally. I felt like you were never going to come visit. Hurry up 2:30 - I want to be off work

Dear Alex,
Thanks for our "date" Wednesday but I think that was enough of going out & being a fatty! We have 12 days & I want to fit into my clothes BEFORE we go on the cruise because I know I won't fit into them after. 

Dear Cruise,
I am so excited for you but at the same time I am scared on how much weight I will gain & never lose. 

Dear Weight,
This is the heaviest I have EVER been. It really makes me depressed but come April 20th when I get home, It's game on. I have 88 days until 4th of July.. 

Dear Beach Camping,
I am praying we get a site because I really want to beach camp this year for the 4th. I think we deserve a good fun time & us trying to be responsible by camping there. 

Dear Hair cut,
I love it but it's only been one day. We will see how I like it in a few weeks.. 
Just in case you didn't see on insta,

Dear Readers,
Thank you for sticking by me & all the sweet comments. Just in case you missed it, I am still accepting sponsors for the month of April. I would love a few guest post as well.

Dear Cynthia,
I love you & miss you! Can't wait for you to come spend 6 weeks with me!! This time bring your workout gear, no gaining weight because I never lose it!! :) 

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  1. Awe I love the new hair cut! Beautiful dear!

  2. I LOVE the hair and I am SO SO SO jealous of your cruise.

  3. pretty girl! I love you! pack my in your suitcase for the cruise :)

  4. your hair!! i love it!
    so perfect.

    i'm so jealous of your soon to be cruising!

  5. I Love your new hair cut, so cute!! :)

    and I am the heaviest I've ever been in my life too - so I can totally relate to feeling depressed because of it. I can't seem to find something I can stick to workout and diet wise. I suck! NO - Healthy Food and Workouts SUCK! hahah

    Happy Friday!!