It's Ok I Am Finally Back

Its Ok Thursdays
Finally I am back for today.. 
I know I will get to sharing my honeymoon pictures & the fun. 

Today I am linking up for this awesome post.. 

It's Ok

...that today is Thursday & I truly wish it was the weekend 

...that I have worked EVERY day since I have come home

...NOT ok that I did not get a vacation from my vacation to catch up on work & other life things

...I am going to be starting the ChaLEAN - May 6th Anyone want to join?

...that I gained so much weight on my cruise that now I am on the mission to lose 20lbs - post to come

...that I have already booked 2 more cruises 
Anniversary/Birthday cruise coming up in 6 months.

...that my sister will be here in 41 days for 6 weeks

...that I have a giveaway coming up to this American Pretty Boutique for a chance to win $25 until than use promo code WIFESTICATED10  for 10% off entire purchase 

...guest post is coming up on someone's awesome weight loss story 

...that I am about to snap my phone in half because I can't beat level 65 on candy crush. WTF! 

...that I truly have missed blogging 

...that I am going to get back to work for today

Happy Thursday


  1. Welcome back! It's impossible not to gain 50 lbs on a cruise, seriously. So much food. And drinks. But it's worth it. Good luck with the weight loss mission!

  2. Girl - I am so glad you are back!! And I totes know how you feel about gaining weight and trying to lose it - I am on a mission too, but i feel like it's not going anywhere LOL UGH!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Haha. Totally love {and need} that shirt!

  4. Candy crush rehab for all of us please! BTW welcome back chica..

  5. GAH FOOD! i just love it all so much. it's truly a problem. just ask my ass.