Weekend Update [V.13]

It's the first day of April!
Any big plans for this month?
I have some goals in mind but I know I leave for my cruise in 16 days!
I am no where ready in shape but just keep working at it. 

I was off of work so we did some house work than headed to my aunts to swim. 
Finally got my eye exam & got new glasses 
Did you see on insta
Burberrys & Tiffany & Co.
I am in love with them. 
I finally wore my hot pink skinnies with my camo shirt.
 & one lady even told me she wish she thought of the combination. 
We even managed to go to dinner at Red Robin
{I know not helping my diet}
When I got home, I found my beloved Zappos box.
This just means.. new wedges! 
What do you think?

I did some homework.
Who assigns homework over Easter Break?

I curled my hair one last time before I chop it off this week!
Than we headed to my aunts for some Easter Dinner. 
Epic fail. No pictures of Alex & I. 
I know Easter 2013.. Maybe next year?

Easter Sunday. 
Eli got to open his basket & I finished up some homework. 
Headed to my aunts again to hang out.
It was a relaxing day. 

2nd day curls & a gross sweatshirt. 
That's how I roll on Easter! 

How was your weekend?
Happy Monday


Stephanie + Walter said...

Love the toe nails! And your curly hair is gorgeous!

smalls said...

YAY!!! Happy Monday! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new glasses!

Krista Ketterhagen said...

I love the camo and pink combo. Great thinking lady!



You are so beautiful! I hate you. Ha ha. Okay, I don't hate you! I hope you are well. We will plan our blate soon for sure! Love you!

scrapperjen said...

Wedges are ADORABLE!!!! Love your toenail paint too.
Sounds like a fun weekend.

It was Easter/my birthday weekend this past one - yeah!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe! Love your hair dear! :)

Hilary said...

Cute shoes! & hair!