Weekend Update [V.13]

It's the first day of April!
Any big plans for this month?
I have some goals in mind but I know I leave for my cruise in 16 days!
I am no where ready in shape but just keep working at it. 

I was off of work so we did some house work than headed to my aunts to swim. 
Finally got my eye exam & got new glasses 
Did you see on insta
Burberrys & Tiffany & Co.
I am in love with them. 
I finally wore my hot pink skinnies with my camo shirt.
 & one lady even told me she wish she thought of the combination. 
We even managed to go to dinner at Red Robin
{I know not helping my diet}
When I got home, I found my beloved Zappos box.
This just means.. new wedges! 
What do you think?

I did some homework.
Who assigns homework over Easter Break?

I curled my hair one last time before I chop it off this week!
Than we headed to my aunts for some Easter Dinner. 
Epic fail. No pictures of Alex & I. 
I know Easter 2013.. Maybe next year?

Easter Sunday. 
Eli got to open his basket & I finished up some homework. 
Headed to my aunts again to hang out.
It was a relaxing day. 

2nd day curls & a gross sweatshirt. 
That's how I roll on Easter! 

How was your weekend?
Happy Monday


  1. Love the toe nails! And your curly hair is gorgeous!

  2. YAY!!! Happy Monday! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new glasses!

  3. I love the camo and pink combo. Great thinking lady!


  4. You are so beautiful! I hate you. Ha ha. Okay, I don't hate you! I hope you are well. We will plan our blate soon for sure! Love you!

  5. Wedges are ADORABLE!!!! Love your toenail paint too.
    Sounds like a fun weekend.

    It was Easter/my birthday weekend this past one - yeah!