Friday Letters {V.13}

Amen to that! 

Dear Friday
Thank you Good Friday. I finally have a day off in FOREVER to breathe & relax. I know it will fly by but I promise to enjoy every minute of it! 

Dear Easter Weekend,
I am ready to spend some time with the family Saturday. Nothing beats some sangria & family time. Ready for the Easter bunny to show up. 

Dear Eli,
Hope you truly dont have pink eye even though we are treating you for it. You are such a champ for taking these eye drops like a champ!! 

Dear Weight loss,
I feel off that train this week. I pretty just said screw it but I need to find you again & continue on that journey. We were working together so great! 

Dear new blog name & layout,
I love you! Thank you Kay

Dear Alex,
I really like that purse from Michael Kors. I am thinking it is time I get a new one. I have had this one for some time now & last time you said wait, they sold out! I am just saying, but I will add it to my list of things I would like in the home. Thank you for understanding. 
I love you.

Dear Cynthia,
Please decide if you would like to come to Cali for the entire month of June. It is 100% up to you. I would LOVE to have you here the entire time to enjoy some family time with you. You know there will be sangria & food involved for all times!! Maybe even a trip to Old Town again! 

Dear Debt,
We will officially be out of debt besides car & student loan in the NEAR future. I am so excited!!! 
Finally I can slow down on the shopping than & book our 1 year/birthday Cruise in October. 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for sticking by me since I have changed the name of my blog a bunch of times since the wedding but I truly think this one is going to stay! I love it. So much so, I am thinking of buying the domain. Also, if you are interested in a FREE button swap, please let me know! I would love to have you for the month of April!! 

Have a GREAT & Safe weekend!
Happy Easter! 



  1. I couldn't agree more with that picture! :) Hope you have a wonderful easter dear, and I am hoping that the husband and I can be in the same boat as you when we get to erase our debt. :( it's a process..

  2. dear you,
    i'm glad i've discovered your brush this week. praise everything!

  3. That is too funny!
    Great letters - I hope you have a wonderful Easter and time off.

  4. I love love love your New Blog Name & Layout!! I seriously want a good looking layout like this. LOL and I have been thinking of a new name for my blog - something that will have to due with me getting hitched! But I LOVE my blog name because it has a deep meaning to it for me...ugh I am stuck! haha.

    Happy Easter Weekend -- I hope your enjoy your time off.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. Happy Good Friday!

    Hope you have a great day!



  6. Lol!! That ecard is hilarious!! So true! And I love the Michael Kors purse hint :-)
    New bloglovin follower. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!