Friday Letters {V.11}

Yupp! ...And, yes, I'm currently doing it! <3

It's Friday! 
I swear this day would NEVER come - this has been one of the longest weeks ever!

Dear Midterm Next Week,
Please go easy on me. I am going to try to study but there is no way I can remember all that & keep up with daily life. Really Teacher, you think I have no life & I can sit around all day & stare at a piece of paper to memorize things I will NEVER use again? 

Dear Eli's Teacher,
STOP PICKING ON HIM. Yes I know I am the owners Niece which therefore entitles Eli to a bit more privileges but just because you are unhappy doesn't mean you have to ruin him. Stop setting up to fail. & If you are truly unhappy with your job LEAVE.  Geeze sake it was Picture day! They are 5 & kids...what do you expect? 

Dear Weekend,
Tomorrow is an early day full of teeball. I am excited you are here but I just wish I could sleep one day. I guess sleep is for the dead & I will fully embrace you ONLY if I can get some coffee from the cute coffee shop in town! 

Dear Alex,
Did you read my weekend letter? Can we please get coffee from the cute coffee shop before teeball at 8am? That is just unreal to be awake & out of the house by than. I swear it will help me function better. 

Dear DMV,
Please don't take forever on Tuesday  I have a facial I am going to after you! I just want my stickers for my car & my address on my registration fix. 

Dear Weight Loss
Let's keep on this journey. I am liking the results & I hope I can order that jacket soon! :) 

Dear Readers,
Please make sure you go follow me on BlogLovin' - I added the widget to my blog over there to the right. I don't want to lose you all.  I am hoping I can get a grasp back on a life & get back to regular blog post but please bare with me. I don't have nearly that much free time anymore. 

With that said, 
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Come back Monday to see how my weekend went! 


  1. Awe best of luck with your midterm dear! Happy Friday! enjoy the weekend.

  2. get her fired...and then get me hired :] good luck on the midterm! and a jacket?!! idk if you know or not...but summer is here! no jackets! hahahaha.