What Do You Think?

I decided a few months ago I wanted to change my hair.. 
The problem with this is, I am not sure exactly what I wanted or what I would look like.. 

1. I have NEVER dyed my hair. NEVER EVER!!! Yes that means virgin hair over here, but with that I am starting to notice I need too. You know those lovely aging markers are becoming apparent if you take a CLOSE look at my hair.. 

2. I very rarely do something drastic & chop my hair. I am very same old same old.. nothing fun!! I get the usual trim about once every 6-8 months. (I know, I need to step my hair game up) Even my lovely hair lady who has cut my hair for over 15 years says I need a change.. 

This is where I need you

You all know what my hair looks like... 
Here is reminder just in case you forgot....

Me on the left. Last Hair cut October 2012 after the wedding

That is hair straight out the shower. I know girls who would KILL for that type of hair but let me just say BORING
It is so dry on the ends, no body, no shape & just needs help.

Side Note: I need to go to How to be a lady School to help with hair, walking in heals, dressing, you know the typical stuff I should know but I was raised by all boys so I am kinda boyish but dying to be a girl!!! 

So what am I thinking you ask?
All found on the wonderful world of of pinterest 

This color maybe some more chocolate brown {closer to my natural hair color but I love the red tint or maybe even some purple} 

This hair cut {I think it is different but can still curl if I want when I know I will on the cruise} 

but want my front to resemble more of 

just a bit longer since I don't want that exact bob cut because I do like to curl my hair with the wand when I have time.. Rarely but I do like it!!

So what do you all think
Think I should go for it.. or not? BE HONEST

I am thinking the first week of April as we leave on our Honeymoon in April.. I want the fresh hair look for all the pictures! I have about a month to convince myself to just dive in head first 

*Disclaimer* I may not dye my hair this time around- depending on my hair lady on what she says. I just love her. I know she will cut it though. 

Now that you all know my BIGGEST problems of the week.. 

Have a Great Tuesday! 


  1. I've never dyed my hair either! EVER! I'm going crazy during the baseball roadtrip though and doing like real or pink or something! Hahaha. I like the red tint with the long cut!

  2. Love the ideas...all together they would look perfect! Go for it :)

    XO, Kelsey

  3. Visiting from the GFC blog hop. Now following via GFC. Thanks so much!


  4. Love the idea of the Red or Purple Tint.