Come have some fun for April!

Did you notice I changed the blog name?
Same Blog, Same girl behind the blog just different name.

A Name that is more me & Hubs decided on it!
I might even buy the domain of this one.
I think I'll be keeping the name for a little bit.
{I hope}
What do you think of the new name?

Back to the good stuff...

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as of March 28,2013

GFC: 668+
Twitter: 474+
Pinterest: 395+
Instagram: 292+

 Monthly page views (January 2013):  5,003+

Weekly post: 5-6 times a week sometimes more & sometimes less.

Monthly Link-ups:  5-10 link ups per month including to Friday Letters. 

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  1. LOVE the new blog name and design!!!!

  2. sign me up GIRL.
    also - i am dying at the cuteness of that picture. just dying.