Friday Letters {V.10}

Mimosas. How classy people get drunk... in the morning.

Dear Mimosas,
I sure miss you. Maybe this weekend we can change that! I sure do love my bubbles at anytime of time.

Dear Rain,
I am so excited for you but can you please not pour until I am home. I want to enjoy all of you! 

Dear Preschool,
I love all you kiddos but the screaming for no reason and the crying because you want to follow me around needs to end. Also, I do miss my weeks of knowing I will be working at home but I guess this is real life now a days. 8+ hours with you just to come home & work some more. 

Dear Alex,
Feel better. Sorry you are sick but when I was sick a few weeks ago you just laughed at me when I couldn't breathe & I just worked it out. So my advice, workout & just blow your nose to breathe. Drink LOTS of water. 

Dear Weight Loss,
I am ready for you to start happening. I really want my jacket that I spoke of yesterday. I know those mimosas I was talking about will not help.

Dear Venus,
I am so excited to get my box of goodies I ordered the other day. I sure hope my 4th of July swimsuit fits perfectly!

Dear Shopping,
I miss you but I must part ways for alittle bit as we prepare to get ready for this cruise and other fun things happening in life.  

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for always leaving me the sweetest comments. I try to reply to all but if you are a no-reply blogger I can't do that. Also, make sure to say hi to me sometime & introduce yourself. I love to make new friendships. 

Have a Great Weekend! 



  1. oh goooorl... you can take our showers we've been having all day every day... except yesterday and today!! it's been amazingly sunny and I'm lovin' it!!

    Hope you have a fab weekend (and maybe squeeze one or two mimosas in it?). xo, Bev

  2. My kid has been SUPER clingy too. Crying and screaming whenever I put him down. It's not okay. Sometimes my brain just can't take it.

  3. Great letters! Have a mimosa for me.
    Have a super weekend


  5. haha! I love the mimosas quote.

    Great letters!